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Terrorists embark on a bold plan to strike at the heart of Western civilization by weaponizing the outbreak of Ebola out of Western Africa.

A small village in Liberia
Journalist Kathy Summers, co-working with a National Geographic camera team, films medical director Dr. Carl Ranger as he walks across an open field in a bio hazmat suit. In his arms, he carries a young black corpse which he deposits on a stack of fly infested corpses. A canister of gasoline and a match sends a blaze into the night sky. Frightened villagers and the camera team step back from the drifting embers. In interview, Dr. Ranger gives the world notice, “if the civilized world doesn’t wake to this, they will burn in their own fires.”
Islam’s dream of a permanent caliphate takes a setback as American bombing intensifies. Caliphate regional commander, Imad Atwa, erupts in rage at the American led coalition taking out the area’s electrical network. A backup generator goes online just as Al Jazeera broadcasts the Ebola crisis live from West Africa. Inspired insight at the gruesome images, Imad Atwa cries in joy, “Allah enlightens!” A plan of death takes shape.
Civilization refutes Dr. Ranger’s warnings that the Ebola plague is a world threat and a potent bio-terror weapon. Until, under the guise of medical support, America’s coalition sends thousands of military personnel to West Africa to root out any potential terrorist’s use of the contagion. But time is not on civilizations side.
Imad Atwa’s ruthless second in command, Mahmoud Al-Assad, establishes a medical clinic in a remote Liberian village where a cadre of suicide jihadists administers to an endless stream of desperate villagers. They give a level of compassionate care others fear to put forward. American Jihadist, Dr. Johnathan Azze, tests for the onset of the infection. Even taking extreme safety precautions, Azze finds himself infected and undergoes a gruesome ordeal at the edge of death. Hallucinations into madness reveals an insight everyone has missed, the sarcoptic mange mite, a nearly invisible hitchhiking opportunistic parasite on stray village dogs is a vector for the disease. With his American passport and a mange infected guide dog, Azze passes through American customs unchallenged. As he studies these mites, he realizes they’re potential to lethally disperse the Ebola contagion more effectively.
The incubation period allows the INFECTED men and women jihadist’s to travel unhampered to the centers of civilization (New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City, etc). Symptomless, they pass every checkpoint protocol. From secured operation centers, the men mingle in nightclubs, concerts, amusement parks, theaters, etc. as the women spread out across the country hitching rides for sex at truck stops. As the jihadist’s symptoms progress toward terminal, they return to base to infect their fellow comrades. On dying, their bodies are ground into an infectious liquid to be disseminated throughout the population.
As the public-health crisis swells, ignorance, fear and superstition take hold and civilization unravels as the most effective bio-terror weapon ever released sweeps across the world. Poor initial decisions of concealing the truth and disseminating lies about the infection have spawned a great deal of mistrust among the public. America’s war coalition disintegrates as civilization’s attention shifts from confrontation against the caliphate to concerns about internal state security.
Civilization ramps up into a frantic hunt for the infected. Frightened immigrates from Mexico and Central America stream across America’s porous southern border desperate for America’s superior heath care and rumors of an American Ebola vaccine.
Carl and Kathy clash on how to contain the infection, leading each into reflection on own beliefs and bringing them together. They realize their skills and insights complement one another. Concerned, when members of Kathy’s camera crew, seemingly isolated from Ebola contact, fall to the infection, Carl realizes what his nemeses Azze already knows, that the mite can be a more deadly secondary source of infection. As a team, Carl and Kathy convince the world that a paradigm shift in thinking is needed to respond effectively to this pandemic. As Carl’s handpicked team of Special Forces hunt down the trail of infection, Kathy uses her journalistic and psychological skills to help educate people against the growing fears about this deadly Ebola contagion.
In a final act to sever the life line feeding the contagion, Carl’s assault team tracks Mahmoud Al-Assad back to Imad Atwa’s stronghold to exact American justice on the terrorists.

Submitted: August 25, 2019
Last Updated: August 25, 2019

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