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Through the Eyes of the Devil



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When a veteran detective is confronted by a brutal serial killer, he must seek the expertise of a famed self-centered novelist to try to stop him. However, he has his own agenda.

"Through the Eyes of the Devil"

Synopsis by
Bill Lonero

A brutal killer named Richard Radzik murders a helpless couple in their home in San Francisco. An Avia shoe print and a partial fingerprint are found at the scene. The police think it’s a random murder. Until, the next night when a young woman is shot getting out of her car in her driveway.
Forensics match ballistics. Three kills. 24 hours. Talk of a serial killer makes its rounds through the police station.

Jack Pickton, is an ex-con who spent 15 years in prison for murder. While in prison, he became an accomplished writer. A celebrated novelist. An award-winning playwright. He is released and becomes a NY Times best-selling author. His publisher sends him to SF to write an exposé on crime in the United States. He is a narcissist. A good looking man who dresses impeccably. He wants everyone to know he has money. He wants everyone to know he is famous.

The 11 O’Clock news releases information about the Avia shoe print. Faust and Captain Stone are livid. They have a leak in the department. But who?

Police bring in Radzik to question him. He tells them he works as a handyman. His fingerprints are everywhere. They have nothing to hold him. They let him go.

Two more attacks. Police now know they have a serial killer on their hands. Except this time, one survives. The witness gives a positive ID. They bring in Radzik again. This time they have a positive ID. They hold him.

Pickton sneaks into Richard’s hotel room. He steals a bracelet from a previous crime scene. He leaves a note on Richard’s TV. It simply says “You’re Welcome”. With all the excitement around the murders, Pickton can’t fight the urge to kill. Old memories rear their ugly head.

Pickton picks up a prostitute. He takes her up to a hotel room. While she is on her knees about to service him, he slits her throat. He draws a pentagram on the back of the hotel room door with her lipstick.

While in custody, another murder occurs. The bracelet from a previous murder attributed to Richard is found at the scene. Frustrated, they have to let Radzik walk.
Radzik gets back to his hotel room. It's trashed. He sees the note on his TV. He's confused. Who left it?

Detective William Faust, a veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, leads the case to capture Radzik but he alludes him at every turn. Faust is having problems at home, as his wife, an ex-cop, can’t deal with the long nights alone. She left the force and the baggage behind. She takes the kids and leaves. Faust’s frustration is mounting.

Another prostitute murdered in an alley. Pickton is at the scene with Officer Matthew. He’s asking the gathering crowd questions under the guise of a journalistic endeavor. Candidly checking if anyone noticed him. No one saw anything. Even if they did, they wouldn’t talk. It’s the rule of the streets.

The police bring in Pickton to see if he can help with the case. While talking to Faust and Detective Roberts, he slips up and mentions the bracelet. No one knew about that. When asked how he knew, he attributes it to his journalistic genius. The detectives know there is a leak in the department.

They bring in Officer Matthew. He vehemently swears he didn't leak any information. He's been on the force for 18 years. Why jeopardize his future and his pension?

Pickton goes to Radzik’s hotel room. He disguises himself as a detective. He taunts and harasses Richard until he kicks him out. But not before Pickton gets his fingerprints on a lighter.

The city is up in arms. The media is down the throat of the police station. The Mayor and police Commissioner want answers. A press conference is assembled to help squelch the cities fears. It doesn’t.

Richard is feeling the urge to murder again. He follows a young woman home. As she walks up to the house, a young boy runs out and jumps into her arms. Richard can’t let thet little boy lose his mother like he did. He walks away. His urge is still there.
Pickton murders again. Leaving the lighter under the body for the police to find. They have a positive ID. A.P.B. on Richard Radzik.

The police go to Radzik’s hotel. They bust open the door. Richard is gone. Once again, he’s alluded the police.

Detective Faust wants to bring Pickton in to see what Radzik’s next move will be. He sends an officer to Pickton’s hotel at The Fairmont.

Radzik, having just seen novelist Jack Pickton’s face in the paper as a journalist, is fuming. He knows he’s been taken advantage of and duped. Once again, he's been made a fool of. He wants his revenge. He goes to Pickton’s hotel.
When Pickton hears the knock, he thinks it’s the police coming to take him to the station. He opens the door and is immediately met with Richard Radzik and the blade of his knife. Radzik stabs Pickton over and over. Jack's body slumps to the floor. Richard looks in his eyes as Pickton's life slowly fades away and says two words..."You're Welcome". The elevator dings and a police officer gets out. He sees Radzik standing with the bloody knife next to a bleeding Jack Pickton. He orders Richard to put the knife down. Richard charges him. The officer fires three shots into Radzik. He falls to the ground. He checks on the bodies of both victims. He calls dispatch for an ambulance and a coroner.

Julie Copeland, head of Public Relations for the police, holds a press conference. She informs the media that they have no idea why Radzik wanted to kill Pickton.

A large auditorium is filled with celebrities. We see we are at the Academy Awards. A man and a woman are on the stage. Obviously celebrities. They announce the winner of the Best Screenplay of the Year. Jack Pickton steps on stage to accept the award for his script, “Through the Eyes of the Devil” and continues being celebrated as a literary genius.

Submitted: May 27, 2020
Last Updated: June 9, 2020

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