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To Kill an Alien



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A second-rate agent is tasked with bringing in the greatest agent in history - who also happens to be an alien - but really, his agency is setting him up to be killed.

Alien Zara Corrine was the Coro Agency’s ultimate weapon… until she went rogue and wound up on the agency’s hit list. Now, she’s scheduled to be Earth’s first-ever alien execution, if she can be captured.

So when second-rate agent Hunter Traitman lets her slip through his fingers, his boss, Chief Cranley, isn’t surprised. But the job must be done – and Cranley threatens Hunter with jail time and worse if he can't step up and recover her.

With the help of his best friend, agency hero Walter Bright, Hunter hatches a plan to take Zara down. He’s amazed when he succeeds, but as soon as he arrives at the agency with Zara as his prisoner, all hell breaks loose. Zara takes Hunter hostage, breaks into the building, and gets Hunter to hack into Coro’s top-secret files.

She’s foiled, though, when a poison gas bomb goes off and she and Hunter are trapped. Zara manages to escape again, but Hunter awakens to find himself in restraints. He learns the horrible truth: the Coro Agency never planned for him to make it out of this situation alive.

Hunter is subjected to interrogation and torture before Cranley gives the order to Alen Vieli, his right-hand man, to exterminate him. Fortunately, Zara comes to his rescue and gets him out of there before Vieli commits the murder.

Zara and Hunter now have no one to turn to but each other to face-off against their enemies. Only Zara refuses to work with a partner, and Hunter despises aliens, so they'll have to overcome more than murderous swat teams to survive this.

They finally come together and make a plan to get off Earth, but just as their goal is within reach, Zara is seized by authorities and taken for her execution. Hunter thinks all is lost - until he figures out that Zara has not been executed, after all, and is being secretly held at the Coro Agency.

Hunter finds Zara but must battle both Cranley and Vieli - who turns out to be Zara’s alien ex-lover - in order to save her life and expose a plot to trigger an inter-galactic war.

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The Writer: Sara McDermott Jain

Sara McDermott Jain is a produced screenwriter. She is also the founder of the Princeton Independent Film Festival ( ). As a screenwriter, her feature screenplay LEFT, written while at Emerson College, won the Evvy Award for Best Script Drama before being purchased by Gaddis Visuals. The finished film released this year on Amazon. Additionally, Gamger Media has recently hired her as head writer for their new upcoming series and comic book tie-in, LEGENDS OF THE CURSED BLADE, and acquired the rights to several of Sara's original projects. Go to bio

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