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A man struggling with public bathroom phobia discovers his fears may not be imagined.

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Anxiety: psychological pain that turns the simplest of daily tasks into obstacles of utter fear. Like using a public toilet when one’s “bladder shy”. What’s the worst that could happen? Truthfully? Tons of things. A stranger could embarrass you. The bowl could overflow. Or… something even worse.

Fortunately, such happenstances are rare: right?

According to Spencer, the awkward yet intellectual protagonist of Toilet Horror, the many dangers in using office toilets are rife. Someone could be in there, and conversation at the urinal might ensue.

So – when nature inevitably calls – Spencer calls someone, too. His therapist, who assures him “everything is normal”. So a timid Spencer summons his courage and enters the room.

At first, it’s Spencer’s best case scenario. He’s got the urinal to himself. His worries fly out the window, and he successfully unzips his pants. Prepared and ready to…

To his horror, a man enters. One that both looks and acts kinda weird. But not weird enough to convince Spencer to flee. Choosing instead to hide, he ducks into a stall for privacy.

Sadly, the talkative stranger enters a cubicle next to his. And the man appears to be having some trouble with… dare we say it? The runs. Leading a horrified Spencer to consider what events will “pass” in there next.

Toilet Horror is what every director searches for in comedy. A relatable situation – with some tense twists and turns. Direct this well, and you’ll have an end product that’s the opposite of crappy. And the festival awards will… flow.

Pages: 10

Budget: Well, you’ll need a bathroom (but doesn’t everyone… sometimes?)

Review by Hamish Porter
Submitted: October 18, 2016
Last Updated: January 11, 2017
Times Downloaded: 42
Last Downloaded: May 3, 2020

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The Writer: James Barron

I love to write comedy along with the occasional horror/thriller. My work is frequently showcased on Janet's Shootin' The Shorts Blog (which is now part of Script Revolution too!) Feel free to check out more on my website: Go to bio

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