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When a crooked cop is coerced into taking out a rival gang leader, his determined wife is thrust into a world of organized crime in order to save their daughter from his failures.

Jean, a strong African American woman, awakes to find herself in a pitch black room with a dead man with no memory of how she got there. A phone rings, and when she answers a man speaks to her as knows her. He says that he is holding her daughter and that she must confess to the man’s murder.

Jean manages to escape the room only to find herself emerging from a bunker in the middle of the forest with police descending on her location. Cut to –

13 hours earlier - Jean and her daughter, Carly, are happily watching TV when her husband stumbles through the door, gravely wounded. He gives her the bad news that he has been blackmailed by the mob into killing a rival kingpin. The worse news - he was shot instead of completing his mission, and now the mob is after them to silence the entire family.

Just as Jean is about to gather Carly and go on the run, she is kidnapped by the mob and told she must do as they say or they will be killed. She is forced to drive into the woods where the mob forces her to kill the rival kingpin. She is then immediately drugged and left in the bunker. Cut to -

Continuation of the first scene outside the bunker – Jean eludes the police and steals a police car. She manages to hide out in a sleazy motel and call of her husband’s old cop friends, Angel and Jeff. She tells each of them different hotel room number where she is hiding. When police descend on one of the rooms, she figures out who betrayed her – his partner, Jeff.

The next day Jean discovers from Angel that her husband is not dead after all. She comes up with a plan to get to him to get some answers. She is able to sneak her way past security to his room only to discover that a hit man, disguised as a nurse, has finished the job of killing her husband. She pursues the hitman but is knocked unconscious before she can catch him.

Jean wakes up in the hospital chained to a bed, and is interrogated by Jeff. A mysterious lawyer frees Jean and delivers her a message – Cyrus has your daughter and you must follow the instructions or she will never see her again.

Jean turns herself in at the police station, confessing to murder. She demands to speak to her husband’s friend, Angel, to finish the confession. She is able to deliver a secret message to Angel that her daughter has been kidnapped and that she needs his help to find her, but that he must tell no one of the situation until they can speak again while she is in prison.

Submitted: January 19, 2019
Last Updated: May 22, 2019

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The Writer: Andrew Marshall

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in psychology in 2008 and went on to receive a M. Ed. in school counseling from Ottawa University. I have been an educator in a high needs schools for the past decade, and I use that as inspiration for much of my writing. I have directly drawn on that experience to write a one hour drama, Mason , that not only addresses common challenges like bullying and negative peer pressure, but also confronts the mental health crisis among teens who go untreated. It has won multiple awards and was a semi-finalist in the Screencraft Pilot Launch Competition. However I am more than just an educator, and I have created a diverse portfolio with... Go to bio