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A research vessel rescues a man in the water. He carries an ancient evil artifact with power to give rise to demons and now their last night at sea might be their last night alive.

U-666 is a gory, action-packed contained horror featuring an intelligent woman fighting for her life and her crew with comps to REC 4 (2014) and Demons (1985).

In 1942 the German U-boat Hull 666 disappears in the waters off of South America. It was transporting gold and something much more sinister. The Nazi occult leadership had in their possession an evil artifact… a RING that held the power to bring demons to this earth.

EVIL finds a way…

Research Vessel Athena is on a mission patrolling for undiscovered oceanic life. She is crewed by a small group who drive and maintain the ship while an inter-country scientific research team analyze the findings of their submergence vehicle. A normal day out to sea becomes anything but when they spot a man in the water off the horizon. This isn’t any day. This is protagonist SAMANTHA KINCAID’s last day as First Mate of the ship. She’s ready to hang her hat and stay permanently ashore to spend time with her young daughter. She’s ready to stop her unhealthy affair with the ship’s Captain and start a new chapter.

Following international maritime law, they rescue the stranded stranger who carries the demon ring. He has been brought back from hell to find new blood. During a medical exam, an unwitting researcher slips on the ring and cuts herself. The ring has drawn its first blood. That’s all it needs. On their last night out to sea, one by one the souls onboard are either killed or turned
into demons and the survivors must fight off their friends. Kincaid steps into the role of Captain when her lover is found dead. The last alive crusty deckhand TRENT and daddy’s girl MADISON have to figure out how to survive til morning. In the middle of a terrible storm and downed communication, they decide the only way to destroy the evil is to scuttle the ship with the demon trapped inside, burying it at the bottom of the ocean once and for all.

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2017 Screamfest Best Unproduced Screenplay
2017 Final Draft Thriller/Horror Quarterfinalist
2017 Screencraft Horror Quarterfinalist
2017 Emerging Screenwriters Top 100

Submitted: June 25, 2020
Last Updated: July 12, 2020

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The Writer: Jackie Perez

Nuclear Engineer turned screenwriter. Unrepped and interested in a manager who is passionate about true stories and bloody genre-fare. I also love adaptations! After five years of active duty Navy service and a childhood of moving around the country as a military brat, Jackie moved to Los Angeles where she dove into the entertainment industry as an executive assistant at Creative Artists Agency and Perfect Storm Entertainment. She fell in love with screenwriting while completing the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Program and earned her MFA in TV and Screenwriting from Stephens College. She’s been writing ever since with a love for horror and passion for telling STEM-centric... Go to bio

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