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A young journalist bribes a psychiatric doctor to grant her exclusive access to the cell of a recently convicted mass murderer in order to discover the true motive behind the crime.



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an idea by Freddie Gerard-Abbott

Sadie, an up and coming young journalist for the Morning Gazette, is looking for the scoop that will cement her career and, tonight, she may just well get it. Inside the nearest maximum security hospital is held an unnamed patient, who has been found innocent for reasons of insanity for the brutal mass murder of her parents and younger sister. The details of her crime are chilling: her parents savagely butchered with a meat cleaver and her younger sister viciously stabbed through the temple with a drill.

All would appear to be cut-and-dry, except for one detail, the one aspect of the story that brings Sadie to arrange a highly illegal meeting with the alleged killer; the convicted woman believes that a doppelgänger, and not her, is the one responsible for the slayings. The police reports even mention that she was found hidden behind a chest of drawers, terrified and confused.

Of course, meeting such a dangerous individual would not be possible without inside help. Enter Dr. Keller, the head psychiatrist in charge of the case. With his palms greased with a wad of cash, the stern doctor allows Sadie a maximum of ten minutes to conduct her interview (under close supervision) as long as she obeys his every instruction. Should she deviate or ignore his orders, he will leave her to the mercy of the guards on duty.

Once she is clear about the rules, they enter the silent hospital and so begins Sadie's journey into a private, dark world of hidden motives and psychological madness, one where the destination will turn out to be more nightmarish and devastating than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Submitted: December 10, 2018
Last Updated: November 23, 2022

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The Writer: Liam Cairns

I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1990. At the age of sixteen, my family uprooted and moved to London, United Kingdom where I completed my education. I originally aimed to study at university for a degree in physics but, upon discovering the film magazine Sight & Sound , decided instead to attend film school. I studied Film and Television Production at the Creative Arts school in the University of Hertfordshire, eventually completing a masters degree in 2015. For my thesis, I wrote and directed a spec script for a short student film entitled Conduit , as well as scripting another short spec entitled Mr. Midnight. I co-wrote and starred in a small cameo in the independently... Go to bio

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