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A family vacations on Mars, but when a colony of criminals invades their seaside town, their pursuit ends with the criminals being sent packing back to their desert side of the red planet.



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Regulating Martian gravitation and atmosphere along with newly-designed ocean-making technology has made the Red Planet an Earth-simulated tourist destination, and the Robinsons are rocket-bound for a Vacation on Mars, but when an underwater earthquake rumbles the planet's crust and a tsunami crashes land, they must survive the tidal onslaught.

A colony of Earth's criminals sent to serve their sentences on Mars finds opportunity when a tsunami-induced avalanche jostles ice and snow from the treacherous mountain pass dividing desolate desert penitentiary and lush green paradise. The criminals stampede to sand, sun, and tourist terrorism, hounding the Robinsons in a near-fatal chase.

Slipping the diabolical snare, the Robinsons hunker down in a cruise ship washed ashore and snagged atop a grove of water-warped palm trees, prepared for full siege. Fifteen year-old computer whiz Rory Robinson hands the bandits their final coup by hacking the Martian gravitational security system, treating the hellish horde to some unexpected anti-gravitational calisthenics, sending the thugs trampolining skyward and ending their arch-villainous aerial escapades with a ground-slamming finale,leaving the lecherous illegals to retreat to their desert denizen, the Robinsons relishing the remainder of their Vacation on Mars in joyous, uninterrupted ocean splendor.

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"His writing is like Jack Kerouac and Douglas Adams.” ~ A Novel Way

“There's a fine line between sexiness and absurdity and Mr. Emm is determined to find it.” ~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"I find his work witty." - President Barack Obama

Submitted: April 6, 2021
Last Updated: April 6, 2021

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tenderbastard is a philosopher, playwright, screenwriter, songwriter, activist, and author. he and his dog are public intellectuals. - books and other works can be viewed at - Go to bio

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