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Vampires Of The Eight

In an effort to get revenge for murdering his entire family, a powerful vampire goes head to head with a power-hungry rival whose hellbent on destroying all who oppose her.



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Screenplay is based on the book by the same name.

Two thousand years ago, a stranger infected eight pregnant women that caused eight different
blood types of vampires to be born. As a result, not all vampires can drink blood from any
human. O negative vampires can only take blood from O negative humans, while AB positives
can drink blood from any human. Every hundred years, the stranger returns and infects eight
more women on the same day, at the same time.
Our protagonist, CLAYTON COLE, is a powerful and fierce AB-positive vampire from the
illustrious Cole tribe. When we meet him, he is a thirteen-year-old boy in 1020 AD, on the day of
his initiation ceremony where he will be turned from half-vampire to full-on bloodsucker.
We then follow Clayton through the ages, as he grows and becomes the leader of the council of his
tribe. At this point, Clayton does his best to convince his family, and the rest of the council, that
they would be better off leaving England for the New World due to King Goerge raising taxes
and stealing their land. Once this proposal is shot down, Clayton decides the best alternative
would be to form a pact with the other vampire factions in an effort to take down King George in
a last-stand battle.
In the intense and pivotal battle scene that follows, a surprise twist reveals that MARYL
ROSSER, the leader of the O Negative blood types, has double-crossed Clayton in an effort to
seize power from the ABs. He kills Clayton’s entire family and leaves him with nothing.
As we move forward to the present day, three hundred years later, we learn of some strange
occurrences that are taking place. For one, the “Stranger” that was supposed to appear that May
to infect eight new women, has mysteriously not shown. Additionally, we learn of a serum that
has the power to change blood type, thus giving all the vampires the ability to drink from any
human. This serum has just gone missing and the scientist that created it has wound up dead.
Clayton meets with the leaders of all the clans, including Maryl whom he still secretly vows
revenge on, in an effort to get them to join together to find this missing serum and to uncover the
truth of the Stranger who didn’t show last May.
After the clan leaders refuse to join Clayton, he is forced to go it alone. What he discovers is that
Maryl is still up to her old tricks and she was the one responsible for both the missing serum
and the Stranger. Once again, Maryl has devised a malevolent plot to kill her own kind, only this
time, she means to destroy all of the other vampire types, leaving her O Negative clan to reign
supreme over the entire world.

Submitted: March 30, 2022
Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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The Writer: George Kramer

George Kramer was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised on Long Island. He moved to Indiana, where he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and his eight other siblings. George is a natural-born triplet. He is an avid reader and multi-genre author with over twenty books published (e.g., fantasy, murder/mystery/unconventional poetry, medical horror, graphic novel, paranormal, and supernatural.) He has traveled through various states doing book signings where there is a myriad of pictures he has with people buying his books. George has been a panelist at conventions, been interviewed more than a dozen times on podcasts, a local TV station, and the front page of a local newspaper... Go to bio

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