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Four fired Wall Street bankers get desperate when they can't find new jobs. When desperation reaches its apex they go to Somalia to become pirates. But their crazy plan turns disastrous from the start.

Fired Wall Street bankers, Charlie, Steve, Nick and James panic after they lose their high paying jobs during the meltdown of 2008. After months of desperation, drinking and video game binges desperation drives them to the edge. One day while drinking beers and playing X-box Nick sees a documentary about Somali pirates and the millions of dollars they are making. Nick starts a campaign to recruit his friends to join his scheme. After much resistance and mockery, reality of their financial situations lead them to agree to the harebrained scheme to go to Somalia and try their luck at hijacking an oil tanker for millions in ransom.

After arriving in Somalia, their plane is stolen and their first two missions end in near tragedy as they sink their boats and get rescued by Somali pirates demanding ransom. As they are about to give up, a mysterious local man named Sahid offers to help them succeed. Their third try leads to the capture of a 1960’s era cargo ship that is supposed to be very valuable. But Sahid is not honest with the four bankers and it appears his motives are different than those of the bankers. The mission turns into a serious action adventure when the ship they capture turns out to be Iranian government owned and being used by Al Qaeda to attack New York with a dirty bomb.

Submitted: May 28, 2018
Last Updated: June 10, 2018

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The Writer: Peter Turner

I have spent most of my career working in entrepreneurial projects in Europe and the US. Early in my career I worked on a number of films and for an award winning director/writer. Although my background has generally been in business and startups I have never stopped writing or making short films. I have a few full length feature films that I would like make either by selling the scripts or directing them myself. Go to bio

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