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Water Moms

When a new mom in town pulls together a group of parental misfits to help an underdog high school marching band, it results in watery warfare after a jealous rival tries to sabotage the band.



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The Water Mom is a rare species. In certain parts of the country, she comes out during the summer months to hydrate dozens of high school marching band children (most of whom have no desire to be marching) during parade season in an effort to keep them peppy and alert.

Not only does the Water Mom offer band members water during a march, spray the backs of their necks on the hottest of days, ensure all other Water Moms (and Dads) match in attire, and ensure their own choreography is bar none as they dance, leap, and pass water bottles to the high school students, a true and proper Water Mom genuinely cares for all of the children. Even the ones that are a pain in the ass.

And yes, Water Moming is a real thing.

GRACE ALLEN (42) is one such creature. After the untimely death of her husband, Grace relocates to the community of Lakeshore with her teeny-tiny tuba playing daughter, RUBY (14) for a fresh start. During their first down-home country parade, Grace discovers the band has no parental support.

The kids are dying of thirst and sweating to death. And frankly, they suck.

An already experienced Water Mom, Grace starts a new club at Lakeshore, much to the chagrin of Lakeshore High’s biggest rival mom, MIRANDA MOODY (35). Miranda is a Middle Heights Academy mom, determined to take home the “Water Mom of the Year” trophy. Her perfect teeth, Barbie-doll like figure, and nasty, entitled attitude leave little to be desired. But Miranda needs validation. And it exists in a trophy that, this year, she’s certain Grace will win.

To nab the trophy, Miranda plays dirty in an attempt to sabotage Lakeshore High from qualifying for the biggest parade of all, The Sherburne Pageant of the Bands.

But Grace Allen and her troupe of misfit parents won’t have it. To save the kids from sabotage during the biggest parade competition of the year, Grace is forced to confront her past while allowing her daughter Ruby to be herself and choose her own future - something Grace isn’t so sure she’s prepared to do without her husband by her side.

Submitted: December 3, 2020
Last Updated: June 6, 2021

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The Writer: Joleene DesRosiers

Joleene DesRosiers is a former television reporter and anchor who threw caution (and hot coffee) to the wind, and dove head first into the world of independent film after 10 years in local news. As an award-winning reporter, she learned early on what it took to tell a story. In 2014, her full-length comedic stage play, VISITING BAMMY LEWIS made it debut in Syracuse, selling out audiences each weekend. From there, it was no holds barred. She visited film festivals, took writing courses, and learned the art of screenwriting with optioned screenwriters and directors. Today she forges on, penning comedic series and features that not only bring joy, but unearth the secret parts of us that make... Go to bio

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