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Where The Moon Is

A successful Native-American writer reflects on his WW II era childhood, taking a fantastic journey through a past filled with loss, heartbreak, and rebirth, reconnecting with his ancestral heritage.



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This story is told from the perspective of Charlie Red Feather Jr. We’re introduced to Charlie Jr. as a fifty-two-year-old man. It’s the early 80s. Charlie Jr. is a guest of honor at Washington State University, invited as part of an exhibit memorializing Native American artist. Charlie Jr. now a famous novelist is approached by a young Native American student, a fan, she has a copy of his book, illustrated by his younger brother Egbert. Asking for his autograph she prompts a reminiscent flashback to the past and the events that inspired him to write his book.

As the tragedy of Pearl Harbor echoes through America so do the heroic deeds of the patriots that serve in the Nation’s military. “Big” Charlie Red Feather is one of them. Despite the objections of his wife Marian, he enlist in the Marine Corps, leaving behind his family life and his two sons, Charlie Jr. and Egbert. He writes home frequently with regales of military service, but the tales of his heroics are short lived when Big is declared missing in action during a skirmish at the Battle of Guam, presumed dead.

The news is understandably devastating for the Red Feather family. His father, William Red Feather, a tribal holy man, does his best to help Big’s wife and children cope with their loss. He tells the young boys the legend of Coyote and Eagle, and their quest to the underworld, the origin’s of death. The Shaman’s words lure the young boys into a “spirit walkers” state of sleep, re-imagining their own vision of Coyote and Eagle’s journey.

It’s later discovered that Big is in fact is alive. While gravely wounded during the fierce battle he’s mistaken for an enemy soldier. The comatose warrior placed in a POW hospital. Upon the discovery Big returns home, but it’s a bittersweet reunion. He’s not the same man. He’s distant and angry and turns to alcohol as a way to cope. The family is in dire straits, once again Grandpa turns to the legend’s of their ancestors to help the family.

Getting back to their tribal roots, The Family slowly begins to recover. Finding power and inspiration from their ancestral heritage they are able to heal. The two young boys using their talents to create their own legend, their story, that will eventually become the novel, “Where The Moon Is”.

Submitted: August 16, 2021
Last Updated: April 7, 2022

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The Writer: Dustin Quinteros

Established in a small Kentucky suburban military town in 1973, pre-internet, the idea of a career in the film industry seemed unachievable. It wasn't till later in life after traveling the world and settling in Atlanta, neo-Hollywood, that Dustin decided to return to school and study film. With over 20 years of production management experience, Dustin has had the opportunity to collaborate and provide technical production planning and support for high-profile Fortune 500 and broadcast companies such as; ESPN, The Atlanta Falcons, The Atlanta Hawks, the UFC, WME|IMG, Coca-Cola, The College Football Hall of Fame, Bud Light, Cumulus, Chick-Fil-A, and WSB Channel 2 Atlanta. Recently having the... Go to bio

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