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Winging it

When his perfect world is shattered, can widowed father Evan Bailey find happiness again in a ‘superdad’, a bouncy-castle loving nanny, and a mandarin class for toddlers?



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Evan Bailey is in a dark place. After a disastrous outing to a toddler music group, he and ‘super dad’ of three, Phillip, are walking home. Evan just wants to get home, uncomfortable with the matey banter of Phillip. He shut himself off from everybody since Bex died, pulling up the shutters. He created the illusion that he’s coping, since they lost Bex. But an encounter with his nosey neighbour, Mary Stokes causes Evan to drop his guard and we find out how he is really coping.


Evan Bailey had it all. A beautiful wife, Bex, a four year old son, Luke and a great job. But when he loses Bex in a car accident, the reluctant dad becomes the reluctant single parent.

The show’s six episodes follow Evan on his journey to find happiness again,and coping as a single parent, mainly through his friendship with feisty nanny, Katie Wessels. Evan is still grieving when they first meet (on a rapidly deflating bouncy castle!) and as a result of lazy parenting from Evan, they clash. However Evan builds bridges, and their friendship grows as they trod the well worn path of toddler groups, along with ‘superdad’ of three and toddler group veteran, Phillip Hammond.

What makes “winging it” unique , is the presence of Evan’s dead wife, Bex. Stuck in purgatory, only appearing as an observer to events going on after she’s gone, she takes an instant dislike to Katie. Unable (yet) to interact or communicate with anyone around her, she doesn’t want Evan and Katie to get closer, but this isn’t out of jealousy, it's more about self preservation, as Bex and Katie have met before.

Submitted: October 12, 2020
Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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