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Cross-dimensional gene pirate Jesse Rex leads her crew in mutiny to seize the jumpship "Fool's Gamble" from the evil Captain Grimgad.

Spanning the pan-dimensional cosmos, massive cross-dimensional empires like the Arkadigm spread from dimension to dimension by harvesting and controlling the most powerful force in any dimension: life. Hiring privateer ships to raid uncharted dimensions for the hardiest genetic samples, these empires seek to conquer all reality. EVERY reality.

Onboard the privateer vessel Fool's Gamble, Captain Grimgad's brutal and narrow vision has cost the crew too many friends, too many times. When the death of their navigator forces the Gamble's crew to make a blind dimensional jump, the ship crashes in a fantasy dimension full of wizardry and magic. Here, First Officer Jesse Rex finds a potential replacement for the Gamble's navigator while out from under the watchful eye of Captain Grimgad. This may be all the chance she needs to seize the vessel - and the freedom - her crew has always dreamed of!

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The Writer: Tennyson Stead

My name is Tennyson E. Stead, and I'm an award-winning writer and director who has written 21 screenplays in total, sold three, and optioned another. In addition to 20 years of production experience on stage and screen, I carry a decade of experience as an independent film development and finance executive. Today, my primary labors revolve around writing, directing, and developing cinema and online content with a repertory film company called 8 Sided Films with people and for an audience in whom I am deeply and personally invested. Go to bio

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