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You Should Be Careful

In a family prone to excessive caution, an unexpected approach is taken when the eldest son asks to borrow his father's shotgun.



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The Campbell family enjoys a typical Sunday. Family members are constantly reminded to act carefully.
Emma and Colt, both in their late 30s, are the parents. Grace and Harper, twins, are eight years old. And Jeremiah, who celebrates his 16th birthday on this day.
They walk leisurely on a path in the woods on their way home from church.
As usual, Harper is somewhat rascally. He stumbles and gets dirty. His parents allow him to run home.
As Jeremiah attempt to find out whether his parents purchased the present he longs for, Grace is also permitted to haste home. Jeremiah’s attempt fails. In anger, Jeremiah also rushes home. Emma & Colt continue their stroll leisurely.
Upon arrival home, the family prepares a barbecue, and Jeremiah is required to assist. With his anger mellowed, he helps with the barbecue.
In the garden, the family gathers for a meal. Everyone is required to assist with cleanup after the meal. Jeremiah is asked to get rid of the charcoal and disperse the ashes into one of the tree holes behind the house, and then return the shovel to the warehouse.
Immediately after Jeremiah vanishes behind the house, Colt centralizes the family near the living room window facing the warehouse. The family watches Jeremiah out of the window.
As Jeremiah walks reluctantly into the warehouse with the shovel in his hand, his family watches. Several seconds later, he bursts into loud cheering and exits the warehouse dancing.
The entire family exits to enjoy Jeremiah's birthday present - a motocross motorcycle. After his father warns him to be careful, Jeremiah takes his first ride.
When Jeremiah returned from another off-road ride, he approached his father who worked in a warehouse. He reluctantly asks to borrow his shotgun for a hunting trip with friends.
Colt gets very excited and enthusiastically approves of him and simply asks him to bring a quail for dinner.

Submitted: February 7, 2022
Last Updated: February 8, 2022

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The Writer: David (China) Woolf

I have been a movie lover for all my life, and I am not young. I have been writing stories since my early 20s and imagining that they would be filmed. I didn't know there was a script format, but I have numerous pages with stories from different genres in my drawer. It's been about five years since I decided to do something about my passion. I enrolled in two screenwriting workshops taught by two of Israel's best teachers. They taught me a lot and gave me the confidence to begin writing my own screenplay. Then I purchased script writing software and converted the script to the format commonly used in the industry. Writing and rewriting, editing and polishing led to a point at which I am... Go to bio

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