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Zy'Thra-Lyn: Death Three Ways, Episode 3, Semper in Angaria



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Human Abductions, tales of torture and woe, a game well played, growing intrigue versus growing understanding, and an unlikely kiss! Game of Thrones and Star Wars had a Bastard Son: He is Zy'Thra-Lyn...

Still in the South Pole compound upon Planet Jujukssiz, Zy’Thra-Lyn learns of the Artist and his grim work upon this world, and also that someone of his ilk is now in a position of influence on the Dominion home-world from which Zy was banished. Growing Dominion-wide intolerance of Zy and his caste brothers may be the result of this nefarious being’s power over the realm's particularly vain incumbent Queen. Meanwhile, Zy discovers the joys of cricket and develops a friendship with the Human male, Wahid. He is also unsettled by the emotions that arise within him when he spends time alone with the human female, Miriam.
Third Episode of Ten

Submitted: June 3, 2018
Last Updated: July 31, 2019

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The Writer: Elizabeth Anstis

Hello Thank you for glancing my way. I am not a professional writer, though in my youth I was involved in the music industry and in reviewing bands and gigs - not for any kind of financial recompense - the writing was the reward...plus the free entry to gigs and stacks of promo CDs I ended up with...After that I wrote poetry, purely for my personal pleasure. I tried to write screenplays and stories on many occasions but always found myself floundering in some sort of mental treacle after the first few pages. In 2013 however I lost my mother and nine months later I had completed a Sci-fi epic of 125K words. The few people who read it said they really liked it too, with one literary blogger... Go to bio

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