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Zy'Thra-Lyn: Death Three Ways, Episode 1, To the Power of Three



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An alien invasion; an assassination attempt; an ancient mystery; copious alien sex; Game of Thrones and Star Wars had a bastard son and his name is Zy'Thra-Lyn!

The Dominion operates by looking for worlds that could benefit from its style of improvements...Domaingers of the Dominion exist in an insectile-type of social structure, with a ruling Queen and beings born from jewel like eggs, into castes of workers, warrior-drones, nobility...or the pallidin...They are tall and lithe and winged and dazzle in skin and natural armour of rainbow pearlescents or metallic golds and bronzes, except for the pallidin. They are monochrome, as well as being the scientists, the keepers of all knowledge, be it legal, spiritual, medical or scientific. However recent times have seen the pallidin fall from favour, and most modern Domaingers are no longer interested in their lore or their 'creepy' ways. Zy'Thra-Lyn is the most infamous of the pallidin currently living, for he has been raised in a military academy along with warrior drones, and instead of hiding away in a grim laboratory, he attends most high society social functions with his sworn-brother, the commander of all warrior drones and the Queen's chief lover, Veddtha Varda. such events invariably ended with Zy, as we call him, thrown into the nearest jail cell for upsetting the great and the good with his uncouth ways, but these antics only make Veddtha laugh as he bails his brother out time after time, until...the prank that almost had Zy executed as a result. Instead he is banished to become Regent of the latest conquered world, where...someone tries to kill him and suddenly life once again becomes interesting. Episode 1 is the first instalment, covering the invasion, the recent history leading to current events and the revelation of an old mystery.
First Episode (or Pilot even) of Ten

Submitted: June 2, 2018
Last Updated: July 25, 2019

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The Writer: Elizabeth Anstis

Hello Thank you for glancing my way. I am not a professional writer, though in my youth I was involved in the music industry and in reviewing bands and gigs - not for any kind of financial recompense - the writing was the reward...plus the free entry to gigs and stacks of promo CDs I ended up with...After that I wrote poetry, purely for my personal pleasure. I tried to write screenplays and stories on many occasions but always found myself floundering in some sort of mental treacle after the first few pages. In 2013 however I lost my mother and nine months later I had completed a Sci-fi epic of 125K words. The few people who read it said they really liked it too, with one literary blogger... Go to bio

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