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Barry Was Alone

Barry Was Alone
A man is cursed by a mental illness that causes him to narrate every moment of his life in third person.

Barry sits on the bed of an exceptionally average hotel room. Portly, in his 50s and wearing a sweat stained string vest, on the surface not much seems to be going for Barry, but as we dig a bit deeper we discover it’s far worse than appearances would suggest. In life everyone has problems, but few have to deal with the issues of our unfortunate protagonist...

A melancholic set of eyes stare into the middle-distance. They are deep set into the head of a man in his mid-fifties.

Barry had been alone for a long time now.
So long, in fact, he had forgot how long.
But he did remember what put the final nail
into the coffin of his loneliness.

The narrator’s voice is as you would expect; speaking in a rich, authoritative manner. Not dissimilar to the voice of Don LaFontaine, the original trailer voice.

Pulling out, it is revealed the voice isn’t narration, but the voice of BARRY, talking about himself out loud in the third person. He is narrating his life.

Barry wears a sweat stained string vest and a pair of boxers and socks and sits at the end of the bed. He is a portly, balding man and it is apparent that his best years are behind him.

The hotel room is nondescript in how generic it is.

It was seven... no, eight months ago when
Barry realised he had been struck with a terrible infliction.
He could not stop speaking. Every waking moment
of his life, he could not stop talking about himself in
the third person, as if he was a character in a movie.

Barry’s unusual infliction causes chaos in his life. He drives his family crazy, he drives other members of the public crazy, and when he tries to get help from his doctor they think he’s just plain crazy. Beset by this exceptional trauma, the man with the very unexceptional name floats through life from one catastrophe to the next, alienating all those around him, or does he?

A comedy with a twist, Barry Was Alone is a hilarious little short from author Calum Syers. Easily filmable on a shoestring budget and with only a small cast required, if you’re a producer or director looking for a comedy that’ll leave an impression then take five minutes out of your day to visit Barry and his quirky little predicament.

The Script

Barry Was Alone

A man is cursed by a mental illness that causes him to narrate every moment of his life in third person.

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