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Dads - Family's More Than Flesh and Blood

An altruistic elderly gentleman tries to save a young prostitute from life on the street.

A subtle noir vibe permeates Canadian-based Ralph Shorter's screenplay, Dads. A duet character study imbedded in a gritty atmosphere – the kind that makes its presence known from line one:

It's dusk in the city as silver-haired, 50-year-old Dave sits in a diner  - steaming cup of joe in wrinkled hands. That’s when he spots young and "strikingly beautiful" Randy through the window; she’s ambling down the sidewalk in full stride. Dressed in "a rabbit skin coat...thigh-high stiletto buccaneer boots (and) a black micro-skirt," Randy effortlessly catches Dave’s eye.

Intrigued, Dave watches Randy skip through a Hop-Scotch game on the sidewalk, check her makeup, and flip off teenage boys as they cat-call from a passing car.

Fortunately, Dave’s not that type. Instead, he waves Randy inside.

Before one can even wolf-whistle, Randy enters the diner and takes a seat next to Dave.

I'm Miranda, but I prefer Randy.
If I'm the floor show, the least you can do is buy me coffee.

She proffers her hand. Dave shakes it… like the gentleman he appears to be.

Dave. Worth the price of admission.

But their getting-acquainted banter quickly devolves into business – and takes an even darker turn.

Like little girls, Dave? Looking for a real good time?

Whoa, you've got me all wrong. I'm a married man.

Feeling disappointed and cheated out of a deal, Randy thanks Dave for the coffee – but flees outside.

Leaving behind a burning question: what precisely does Dave want? Will the two ever cross paths again? Or are Dave and Randy ships destined to pass in the night?

In true noir fashion, Randy's more than just a hooker with a troubled past. Depending on his motives, can Dave find a path to heal her damaged soul?

A thick mix of memorable characters and hard nosed dialogue, Dads paints a not-so-rosy portrait of less than picture perfect lives. If you're a filmmaker who loves dramatic characterization – colored with the soot of noir - Dads is a cinematic slice of life you should snatch off the streets and save yourself!



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An altruistic, elderly gentleman tries to save a young prostitute from life on the street.

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