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Heartbeat - Can YOU hear it?

Heartbeat - A florist is asked to help connect an unrequited lover with the object of his affection, with unexpected results.

A quiet day in a quiet florists finds store assistant, Maisy, counting her every heartbeat in a bid to alleviate boredom.  As you can imagine – good luck there!

Enter Derin, scruffy but sincere, and - more importantly - in the market for flowers. 

For Derin it’s a special occasion; he’s got love on his mind.  A certain kind of love that requires a certain kind of flower. But Devin’s darned if he knows Tulips from Roses when it comes to floral arrays.

If only there were someone to guide him...

As luck (and training) would have it, Maisy has the answer to his quest - Daffodils. Unfortunately for Derin, Daffodils aren’t in stock.  They're out of season and try as Maisy might, there’s no second choice when it comes to affairs of the heart. So Derin leaves empty handed. Leaving Maisy alone – yet another flower to be ignored.

One quiet day rolls into another… until Maisy opens the shop and finds a surprise.  A certain discovery that sets her heart to racing…. faster than she can count.

But read it yourself from here. Anything more would spoil the surprise.

Anthony Cawood’s Heartbeat offers a sweet tale of a young man’s first step on the road to love. Its offbeat and understated style doesn’t so much take you for a ride - as smile coyly and ask you follow.  Straightforward with minimal locations/characters and a few handy flowers as props, Heartbeat is everything a filmmaker looking for heartfelt romance (and an audience) could desire!!



The Script


A florist is asked to help connect an unrequited lover with the object of his affection, with unexpected results.

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