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It's Ants All the Way Down.

If you once empathized with ANTZ, get ready to eat your socks.

Skin Deep
She puts on her best collagen pout, wiping steam off the mirror and admiring her appearance.

Enter Shay, whose vanity drives a vision of shallow perfection unmatched even by her basically-a-model boyfriend Travis. After he leaves for a business trip, Shay meets her match in an anthill precariously poised to disturb Yoga time.

Oh my God...

With a long-developed fear of ants, I can safely say my dear reader, that I agree; it’s all down the anthill from here. An unfortunate call to Hugs Not Bugs pest control later, Shay is forced to take matters into her own hands. What follows is a ride through a Cronenberg-esque showdown. Woman vs. Nature and a whole load of pain concealer can’t quite fix.

One eye pops open, the paranoid iris darting towards the hill.

With killer imagery and scenes that absolutely shiver-your-timbers, Megan provides an excellent vision-scape to explore.

It looks around, its mandibles opening and closing.

Furthermore, filmmakers interested in utilizing CG should take note. A bit of ant-imation here and there and this story will absolutely pop on the big screen.

The floor is a writhing mass of ants.

Pair that with delicious irony, narcissism, and a study in extreme dermatology and you’ve got yourself a joy-ride of a short film.

Skin Deep explodes with grotesquerie and all your worst ant-based fears. Fans of horror should definitely give it a read. After a few sleepless nights and shivering nightmares, you’ll thank Megan… and your local pest control.



The Script

Skin Deep

A vain, superficial woman gets more than she bargained for when she destroys an ant hill in her backyard.

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