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Nun Too Soon - Pray You Don't Miss This One!

Two uncommon women meet and discover what they have in common.

Film-makers with access to a city and a taxicab (or an Uber) should check out this smart, rewarding, three-handed character piece from David Lambertson.

Kimberly and Theresa, two strangers from two very different backgrounds, share a ride from New Jersey to the same Manhattan hotel.

On the way they overcome their prejudices -- and a barrage of wisecracks from their New York cabbie -- and learn more than they ever suspected about how the other half lives and loves.

Kimberly is all expensive curves, stiletto heels and mouthwash --

I’m a hooker.

Oh, my.

Really? You couldn't tell?

No, I wouldn’t have guessed that --

I got it right off.

Meanwhile Theresa, in a modest grey jacket and skirt, with no jewelry or makeup, turns out to be more worldly than she might seem.

As she says, "I'm a nun. Not a saint."

Toward the end of the story, as the two women bond and the pieces fall into place, we suddenly see the big picture. Moments later, the characters themselves have the same realization, and there's a delicious sense of anticipation as we wonder how Kimberly and Theresa are going to deal with their embarrassing discovery...

They rise to the challenge splendidly, and when at last we leave them, our two ladies are on the cusp of launching themselves into an evening that neither of them will ever forget.

And remember: female protagonists are hot right now. If you're looking for material that would make a splash with festival audiences, Nun Too Soon might be just the ticket!

The Script

Nun Too Soon

Two uncommon women meet and discover what they have in common.

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