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Shark Fin - Lessons Lurk in Dark Waters

Shark Fin
An elderly fisherman teaches his grandson that sometimes in order to gain, you must lose something.

“You cannot take what is not necessary unless you are willing to lose something that is.”

A wise phrase, spoken by an even wiser old man in Shark Fin. Don’t let the title fool you; this script isn’t another Jaws or The Shallows, thrillers pitting man vs monster.

Fin’s far more substantial than those tales.

The wise old man in question, Fong, has a lesson for 9-year-old grandson Yeng.

And Fong has exciting material to illustrate his teachings with – his memories as a fisherman. Memories that Yeng wishes to relive himself after he grows.

But Fong wasn’t a fisherman in the ordinary sense of the word. He was a shark finner, albeit a reluctant one. One who understood his job involved taking what is not necessary to take. A shark’s life for its fin.

One who understood his job was a crime against nature. And yet - did so anyway.

But, as Fong explains to young Yeng, nature delivers swift justice in many ways. First, it tormented his dreams with visions of his crimes. And eventually turned its wrath on him.

Sometimes, nature is willing to forgive those who lose… and learn.

What did Fong lose? And will Yeng understand his morality tale – even at his tender age?

A beautiful, highly visual fable which touches on a very real issue today, Shark Fin is sure to impress audiences with a penchant for socially conscious, captivating works.

Our recommendation: take what is necessary, and capture this script today!

The Script

Shark Fin

An elderly fisherman teaches his grandson that sometimes in order to gain, you must lose something.

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