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Won't You Be My Neighbor

Won't You Be My Neighbor
There's always that one nosy neighbor.

Things are always stranger on the other side of the fence.

Benny has a problem - his neighbor Gordon. Convinced Gordon has killed someone and is the process of digging a grave, Benny watches from the safety of his second floor window.

It’s like he’s Rear Window’s Jimmy Stewart. At least, until wife Helen turns on the lights.

Turn off the light,
turn it off  you stupid woman.

How dare you talk to me like that, Benny Prichard!
I will not turn off the light, you can do it yourself!

What happens next cascades into a comic/clumsy chain of events which might just end in tragedy.

Though for which neighbor, who can tell?

A playful comedy of just 2 pages, Won’t You Be My Neighbor is fun, cheap, quirky – and so easy to shoot. Three actors, an apartment, a yard, a weekend and a window’s all you need!

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