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A Short Script Double Hitter For Ville Nummenpää

Not one but two success stories for Ville as his recently acquired short script "Spin The Bottle" has now been filmed and available on YouTube while another one of this short scripts "Alter" has been picked up by a filmmaker with the intent to use it as part of an anthology horror movie. Well done!

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I'm a screenwriter and a novelist. Three official credits on IMDB (There should be a couple more, who knows who updates them?). I have one 12-ep. TV-series to my name, one stage play, four books (Two for kids, two for grown-ups), and various stints here and there. Episode here, a few sketches there, short movies and short stories, etc.

I do comedy, cause I'm not funny. But why stop there. I also want to do horror, action, science fiction... in one word, entertainment.

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