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Connor McAulay Options "Fandemic"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Connor McAulay who's optioned his script Fandemic. The horror-thriller feature about an actress on a secluded getaway who's tormented by hallucinations and must uncover the source of her visions or fall victim to a deadly new breed of reality entertainment has been picked up by Mumbai based director-producer Jyoti Kapur Das.

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Ancient myths, tall tales and ghost stories - Lore and lies. Fascinated by every language in the world and endeavoring to pick at least one up before I die. My cats will tell you I sing too loudly and dance terribly, though I would advise you not to believe them as both are notorious liars. Country, hip-hop, disco, soul, grunge, pop, rock and everything in between. My favourite hobby is laughing until I cry and my goal is making others do the same.

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