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Jerry Robbins Options "Christmas At Exit 24"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jerry Robbins who has optioned his female led winter holiday themed feature "Christmas At Exit 24" to a producer in Los Angeles. This is Jerry's second big success story after selling a horror feature script which was also found via Script Revolution.

About The Writer

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I'm a produced writer of two features - CATCH THE BULLET (Lionsgate) and THE LEGEND OF LAKE HOLLOW (Penumbra Films, currently filming). My screenplay THE UNEXPECTED ROMANCE OF CAPTAIN SAM is under option with Citizen Skull Productions. 

I began in the world of audio dramas, writing 480 audio drama scripts (features and series episodes) that were hosted on Sirius/XM Radio for eight years.

In that time, with the Colonial Radio Theatre, I was fortunate to have collaborated with...Read more