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Lily Blaze Options "To Lacusta, Going to the Wars"

Congratulations once again to Lily Blaze who's optioned her script "To Lacusta, Going to the Wars" to Luis Tavaras. A short drama based on the poem To Lucasta, Going to the Wars by Richard Lovelace, the story focuses on an artist who's struggling to finish a masterpiece being confronted by a lover and having to make a choice between art and love. This is Lily's second option in the previous month, having recently had success with her script Understatement.

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I write because I can. Screenwriting is my mobility aid to express my creativity and show my craft. I live with disability, but art has no limits.

I've lived in four cities, travelled across North America, worked as a computer graphic designer since 1997, and I've been a visual artist all my life. In 2003, I was struck by chronic illness.

Things happen. Plans change. My whole life changed. And now I'm a screenwriter.

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