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Michael F Donoghue Options "The Hero Code"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Michael F Donoghue who's optioned his script "The Hero Code" to Robert Sebastian Webb. This is Michael's first success on Script Revolution, and it has further energized his passion for the art of screenwriting. A short story that pays homage to those who helped us get through the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Hero Code is about a Gotham City payroll clerk who becomes the subject of a post-COVID inquiry after she redefines what it means to be a hero. Robert, ER nurse in a previous life, felt that the script really struck a chord with him and needs to be made.

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I am thrilled to find a platform that showcases the work of aspiring writers. I started writing late in life, self-publishing three novels, including one historical fiction and two sci-fi dramas. It was during the process of adapting the historical fiction into an eight episode series, (I've completed Episode One and a Series Bible) and the second sci-fi into a feature length script, that I realized I enjoyed the art of screenwriting more than novel writing. I just completed an original...Read more