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Mike Underwood Sells "The Hide"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Mike Underwood who has sold his script "The Hide" after it was found on Script Revolution by new independent production company, Radical Scene, based in Washington, Seattle. Funding is now being sought to produce this horror feature about a teenager whose blossoming clairvoyance leads her to discover her grandfather is a notorious child killer. Filming is slated for summer 2022 with a Halloween release date planned to follow.

About The Writer

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I have a passion for dark, twisting and twisted TV and film which gets the heart racing, the mind questioning and the soul begging for mercy!

A little bit about me - armed with a journalism degree, I have been writing professionally since 1999 after becoming a reporter and spending 11 years neck-deep in covering crime and politics in England, Scotland and the United States. I spent two hair-raising years as a night shift city reporter on the Boston Herald in Massachusetts 

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