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Nicholas Philippa Options "Opal"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Nicholas Philippa who's script Opal was recently optioned by director Tobias Nathan. A feature length crime thriller about a struggling miner and her brother who must escape their isolated outback mine and evade cut-throat thieves after finding a million-dollar opal, the script scored an 8 (in the top 3.5%) on the Blacklist and is a semi finalist of the Gold Coast Film Festival 2022.

Nicholas is currently not repped, he’s enjoying working with Tobias, who is a writer-director repped by CAA and Josh Dove of Circle of Confusion. Nicholas wrote Opal after watching Green Room, which he loved as it’s such a great contained thriller/horror. “I asked myself, what’s a Green Room in outback Australia look like? I visited Coober Pedy, South Australia which is surrounding by opal mines and I knew that was a great place to base a script, there’s so many obstacles, it’s fantastic.”

Nicholas had this to say about Script Revolution. “I became a Rockstar to support Script Revolution as I really support CJ’s vision of a community with educational opportunities, and to be a rockstar it doesn’t cost the earth. And for anyone that can’t afford it, they can join for free. I have hosted scripts on the Blacklist, which is a great opportunity for industry downloads, but that gets expensive fast. With Script Revolution, other writers and industry professionals can access my scripts anytime via a request. I like that I see who has downloaded my scripts, it provides great transparency.” he goes on to add “In terms of education, I’m learning a lot too from Dominic Morgan’s (Scriptfella) fantastic Facebook community and Youtube videos, I can’t recommend his resources highly enough.”

Nicholas is a 40-something Army veteran, father, and former intelligence analyst. Nicholas is currently a workplace investigator in Australia.

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Current projects:
Two novel adaptations to feature scripts (novels intentionally not named).
Working with a Director to shop OPAL around town (LA).

Recent success:
OPAL: Blcklst 8; Semi Finalist - Gold Coast Film Festival (2022); Quarter Finalist Page International Screenplay Awards (2022); Optioned 2022.

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