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Nick Brown Options "Five Below"

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Nick Brown who's optioned his feature script "Five Below" to RedOne Studios. An inventive twist on the superhero genre, you might recognise this sci-fi script from the featured section and front page, demonstrating how gaining favourites over time and investing in a quality poster image can gain valuable additional exposure on the site.

About The Writer

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Nick is the creator of the Agent of Rome novels (historical fiction) which concluded with book 7 in 2019. The series was described as 'gripping' by The Times and has been translated into Spanish and Dutch.

The sci-fi thriller Five Below was recently optioned by RedOne Studios via Script Revolution and is now in pre-production. 

The Cold War thriller Angel Three has recently been optioned by Bunk 11 Films of Canada. 

Nick is also Narrative...Read more