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New Years Eve

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New Years Eve

Hey guys...

So what are y'all up to on 'the big night'?

Personally, I'll be looking back on all the great nights I enjoyed when I was younger, whilst feeling comfortable in the knowledge that I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE THE THOUGHT OF SPENDING TIME WITH OTHER PEOPLE AT MIDNIGHT on NYE at 51.

Love you.


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Joined: Mar 2017

Smokin' a fatty and watching Netflix. Just like every other night.

Have a good one, Jay.

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Joined: Jul 2016

Five hour pub crawl followed by another five hours in a biker bar followed by a night in a tent in a cold wet field.

Was brilliant.

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Joined: Aug 2016

Asleep by 10:00

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Joined: Jan 2020

Had some pie and went to sleep at bout 10. No regrets.