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A young female goes from girlfriend, to wife, to domestic violence victim, to female fighter defending her honor, and her life.

High school sweethearts, DAVID and ANNIE are the most loving, affectionate couple at Chester High in Los Angeles, Ca. Everyone knew that right after graduation, they would probably get married. But no one would have guessed that within a month, the happy groom would snap and beat the hell out of his young bride, putting her in the hospital, and himself in jail. Now a once loving girlfriend, then loving wife, has become something she never thought she'd be - a victim, afraid now of the guy she's lost all feeling for.

Then after a month of recuperating, she's now without her partner/best friend for the first time since they were kids. David on the other hand will now experience something he never thought he would - time in jail.

Finally out the hospital, and alone in their apartment love nest; Annie has begun receiving calls from David in jail, pleading with her not to testify against him. But she wants nothing to do with him, or the marriage. Once again David's ardor is fired up as he first pleads, then threatens that once he's out of jail, the marriage will continue, no matter what. Then to add injury to insult, Annie's victimized again, as neighborhood thugs have clocked her situation, plotted, and invaded her home to have their way with her. Although she feels helpless, and her self-esteem destroyed, she doesn't go to the police.

As she fearfully contemplates when David will get out of jail, and what next might happen to her, she's at a crossroads - until by happenstance at the celebrity diner where she works as a waitress; she gets to be in the presence of the female middleweight boxing champ of the world, during breakfast. Now a strong feeling comes over her, aa she now wants to learn to box in the worst way. Luckily a fellow waitress has a boxer brother who will help her to do just that...Little did she know she'd be made a victim again after finding out that the boxing lessons that started out free, soon would become a barter for sex. But this time she won't be victimized.

So with just a few lessons under her belt; that's enough to fight off and knock out her obnoxious trainer, who thought he had her trapped alone at the gym where he trains her. Now not one, but three events have sparked a flame in her where she's determined to hone her fighting skills alone, to defend her life against a violent husband, thugs that want another piece of her, and a boxing trainer and his sister, out for revenge.

Submitted: March 7, 2020
Last Updated: March 7, 2020

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The Writer: Leon Segers

Along with this script, I've written several other completed ones of different genres. I've also written six published books: A "Real Life" Bible, Black/White America: The Real Differences, American Sex, One Parent's story/struggle "Teenagers" What was I thinking!, and People are Suckers, Black Republicans: Swimming with Crocodiles. Go to bio

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