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Four twenty-somethings with big dreams but little money share a house, and cope with the strange "in-between" of adolescense and adulthood.



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Rachel, a Sociology student, films an ongoing documentary on her old classmate Ted, who's dropped out of college and moved into a rented house with three roommates: Kylie, his excitable redneck girlfriend; Ben, his slacker childhood friend who sleeps on the couch; and Jennifer/"Jenny Redwine", a rock-n-roll musician whose personal life is rigid and orderly.

Ted tells Kylie he's made headway on his novel, but confides to the cameras that he hasn't even started yet. Meanwhile, Jennifer grows increasingly frustrated with Ben's slobbiness and lack of work.

The landlord tells them they'll be evicted if the rent isn't paid, as it's been late or absent for the past few weeks. The group brainstorms what to do, and Jennifer gives Ben the ultimatum to get a job or move out.

Ted asks Rachel for a loan, but she refuses, wanting to be impartial. He admits to Kylie that he doesn't have a first line for his novel. She isn't mad at him, but is sad that they'll have to leave. Rachel watches this from a distance.

Ben comes home later and tells the group he got a PayDay Loan, and that he'll simply never get a job so that "pay day" never comes. However, extra footage reveals that it was Rachel who gave him the money. She claims it was to keep the project going, but Ben suggests she cares.

Ted realizes what his book needs to be about: twenty-somethings out of college who aren't doing great but who are trying their best.

Submitted: April 2, 2021
Last Updated: April 18, 2021

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The Writer: Charles Cannon

Charles Cannon holds a BA in Dramatic Writing from Belhaven University. He writes primarily comedy teleplays, animation, comedy-drama features, and 5-star Yelp reviews because restaurants get enough bad reviews already dammit! Spread some positivity! Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Go to bio

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