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An ordinary food delivery driver treats his job like an epic adventure.



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Animated TV Pilot

Ethan is a passionate driver for Yum! Delivery, a food delivery app. He lives with his moody dog Gracie and his sentient GPS, Eartha, in the city of De Vaca. He gets an order that, if accepted, will take him to three different corners of town - all far from each other.

As he saddles up his car, Ethan’s rival, Penny, another Yum! Driver, bets him five dollars that he can’t get the food to its destination on time. He takes the bet.

Ethan dodges traffic and races a semi to get to the restaurant. He is told he went to the wrong chain location. He must take dangerous shortcuts on strange roads, including E-Street in “Little New Jersey” and an inexplicable loopty-loop.

Ethan makes it to the other location, picks up the food, and drives to the customer’s house.

He finds the road blocked off and a deep construction pit behind the signs. He attempts to ramp over the hole but his car falls in. Ethan lights a match underneath to cause an explosion and propel the car through the sky.

Ethan lands in the neighborhood, his car completely destroyed. He runs to the customer’s house by foot and trips. Luckily, the food lands right on her doorstep right on time.

Penny pays him the five dollars. Ethan gleefully proclaims, “At this rate I’ll have money for a new car in no time!”

Submitted: April 2, 2021
Last Updated: November 12, 2021

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The Writer: Charles Cannon

Charles Cannon holds a BA in Dramatic Writing from Belhaven University. He writes primarily comedy teleplays, animation, comedy-drama features, and 5-star Yelp reviews because restaurants get enough bad reviews already dammit! Spread some positivity! Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Go to bio

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