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Prophet prince Ahriman, accidentally transported to Earth from his ultra violent desert planet, fights for Earth against his own and loses everything.

Open to a campfire area with incomplete imagery and a man telling a boy a story about the planet's prophet sitting there with them. It is Ahriman who quickly rises and walks away. A quick transform into a nightmare and we realize the storyteller is a scientist doing Virtual Reality (VR) social-models research within a computer on Earth. His lab is tied into two other labs, using a new type of computer that goes awry.

A glitch brings Ahriman to the Earth lab. The VR lab was doing computer societal generation studies but seem to be actually watching another real planet. What's happening? Could it have been synthesized through the computer somehow?

Young prophet Ahriman lives on this religious but strange and violent desert planet called Beulah. A wise man, his good Uncle Ormazd does his best to keep their deteriorating world in check. He loves Ahriman and tolerates his troublesome charitable ways, even though politically it costs him a great deal. In the end it costs him everything. Needless religious ceremonies have tied this culture up to the point of schizophrenic infighting.

Ahriman is whisked off planet while handing out clothing in a local market located below his Uncle's castle. Ormazd watches from above as Ahriman is attacked by their enemies. During this a wind swept, dusty, tumultuous & murderous scramble ensues as Ahriman vanishes. This is not taken well by the fearful\paranoid enemies of Ormazd and who suspect great evil enacted behind the scenes.

At the Earth lab scientists find themselves looking at a comatose Ahriman mentally linked to the Earth scientist from the opening. Their link between planets allows Ormazd's murderers to send forces to Earth. Ahriman is kidnapped by black suit types, but as it turns out they fall under his control. From there we don't see him much, only hear about him.

Except finally on TV news when he makes an announcement to the world. Ahriman has very persuasive powers, apparently accentuated by TV signals. Just before Earth is invaded by the usurpers he says “we must band together in peace”. And so it becomes as the world over turns to peace which couldn’t have happened at a worse time in the history of the world.

The U.S. Government puts its forces at the lab to stop the invasion. Ahriman realizes that for the invasion to have happened, his Uncle must be dead and have been murdered. Eventually, Ahriman helps to defeat his own people; but our government intervenes and destroys his planet.

Earth is saved; the planetary link is destroyed and Ahriman has earned an entire planet's gratitude and devotion, but he is Earth bound now forever. He is lonely for his home and more so his only family known to him, his Uncle.

Story ends with Ahriman using an incomplete VR simulation of his home planet, in returning to the beginning. The computer was damaged in the fighting and no one wants to take a chance at rebuilding the link. Besides, the planet was destroyed in a vast armada of replicated nuclear weapons, rather than just one, in a twist by the US government's intervention in a double twist against the scientists best efforts.

Ahriman has lost everything and feels isolated. We end at the beginning with a somewhat fantastic fight between Ahriman and the bad guy who appeared in the beginning as a boy and who finally transforms into himself. Ahriman is of course, victorious. The ending is emotional and bittersweet as he meets with a restructured Uncle on a partially rebuilt VR planet model.

An ending tag is a brief nod to Ormazd’s special fighters who still exist somewhere in the computer (sequel?) and appear on Earth, wondering what to do next.

Submitted: December 7, 2017
Last Updated: December 8, 2017

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The Writer: JZ Murdock

JZ Murdock is a writer, screenwriter, and author living in Bremerton, WA and is now working with a known producer on this project. If you're interested in being a part of the other end of this project, your contact info can be passed along. THE TEENAGE BODYGUARD, a true crime story from a week in 1974 when he was asked to protect a murder witness from the Tacoma mafia (yes, that was a real thing). This screenplay is starting to get attention. THE TEENAGE BODYGUARD. Coverages (The Blacklist, Bluecat Screenplay Contest) say things like, "This should be pursued into production", and "Why isn't this on screen already?".From entertainment attorney Michael Donaldson, "What an interesting story... Go to bio
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