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People fear demons. Demons fear, Gray and Lover. Female steampunk duo contract to various religions, are contracted to stop a demon terrorizing Seattle to kill a famous horror writer being targeted by his golddigger wife.

Afghan national, ex-British Special Forces Guide Saleel, uses a dark magic book to kill terrorists in his country which ends with Osama Bin Laden’s death, in a spin on reality. He sends this occult book to his friend Bryce in America, and is immediately murdered by a demon. Flash forward....

Steampunks Gray and her partner in business and love nicknamed “Lover”, enjoy a party at a subculture bar in Seattle. Between jobs they get a new assignment: a demon is coming to Seattle with murderous intent. It is looking for famous Horror writer Bryce, an Irish ex-Patriot who has pretty much had it with his golddigger wife Dawn, who has slept her way through most of his acquaintances. Still, he tries to remain a good Catholic husband.

Bryce heads to Seattle with beautiful assistant Eva for business events. They spend the night before with old war buddy, Frank (based on Billy Connoly). Once he leaves Dawn pays a voodoo Priest to use Bryce’s book of magic to conjure a Demon to kill him.
However, the Priest has other plans. He contracted to acquire the book for the Vatican but can only get it if it’s given to him. So sets the demon upon Bryce, then calls female associates Gray and Lover, his Steampunk demon huntresses.

After the ceremony contaminated by Dawn the demon conjured is a supernatural “Wylie E. Coyote”.

Bryce leaves a boring business party to visit ex-war buddy Frank, also a famous Horror writer. Together the friends get inebriated and tell tales by the fireplace hearth. Each begins to tell a tale that is intercut with the demon getting closer as the tension builds and death approaches.

An explosive showdown ensues with the help of the demon hunters who arrive at the last minute, just as Bryce and Frank fail to stop the demon. But the spell used to stop it merely sends it back to she who conjured it, Bryce’s wife.

Due to a talisman the Priest gave her, she doesn't die. Worse, she gets sucked into the demon's plane of existence along with it, where they have to contend with the demon’s mortal enemies. A big ugly demonic feline creature (set up briefly in the beginning where he kills its mate).

In Bryce losing his murderous wife he finally ends up with the "right" girl in his assistant. As Gray and Lover clean up, they get another call from the priest. This time they are going to the Caribbean to hunt another demon they believe is tied to “the Book”.

This is all a bigger problem than anyone thinks as it is tied to a story from a book previously published by this author, “Death of Heaven” (these stories will dovetail into the sequel to either the book or screenplay, or both).

This is quite easily a franchise-able series as Gray and Lover (or others) can work for various religions, thus opening up the demographic of various cultures.

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Semi finalist in the Circus Road Films Screenplay Contest.

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The Writer: JZ Murdock

JZ Murdock is a writer, author and screenwriter living in Bremerton, WA. His books include Death of Heaven, a collection of her older short horror and sci fi stories in Anthology of Evil and, his upcoming Anthology of Evil Volume II with his newer works including stories included in other anthologies, a sci fi magazine and a novella.

Murdock received his B.A. in Psychology from WWU with a minor in creative writing. He was a Sr. Technical Writer for years and retired on 9/11/16 to devote his full time to writing ficiton and screenplays. He is also involved in local independent films. Of late he has been involved in the Studio 724 artist, writer and creatives community in Port... Go to bio

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