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All In

An African American Police Detective, his Caucasian wife and three teenage kids along with an assortment of oddball friends deal with today's issues in comical fashion while living in Denver Colorado.



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The Green family is an interracial family living in Denver Colorado. The dad, Zeek, is an African American Police Detective, the mom, Nikki, is a Caucasian nurse. They have three kids, a daughter (Mahaylee) 15, a son (Evan) 14 and another son (Gavin) 12. They are surrounded by a cast of characters consisting of family and friends. Zeek’s parents are upper middle class. Zeek attended law school but decided to become a cop instead, disappointing his overbearing mother who likes to give him a hard time about his career choice. Zeek’s father is a former Military Colonel and the strong silent type who says a lot with few words and will go along with his wife to avoid drama, but, offers his true opinion in private. Due to his military career he is also hard of hearing which leads to some funny misunderstandings.
Nikki was raised by a single mother with her sister in a lower middle-class area. Nikki’s mother is a chain smoker despite being on oxygen. She’s not racist but has some prejudicial views that she’s not afraid to show. Nikki’s sister is extremely religious and likes to give advice to the free willing Green family on their sinner ways. Zeek’s parents and Nikki’s mother always have some tension when in the same room together.

Nikki and Zeeks next door neighbors are gay, both are lawyers who spend a lot of time at the house discussing their marital problems in comedic fashion. One is Caucasian and is a Prosecutor for District Attorney’s Office and the other is Hispanic and is a Defense Attorney for the Public Defenders Office. Their jobs often put them in comical conflict. Their other close friends are also a mixed couple. The wife is Asian, and a Doctor and the husband is Caucasian, a former standup comedian, now a stay at home dad and one of Zeek’s closest friends. He often spends time with Zeek, joking about being a stay at home dad with a newborn.
Then there is Zeek’s partner on the Police Department. She is short, a little pudgy but has a personality that lights up a room when she comes in. She’s as crass as the guys and one of Zeek’s closes friends. She likes to tell Zeek about her exploits despite Zeek’s discomfort at having these conversations with her.

The setting will take place manly in the Green household where people are constantly coming in and out. Topics will range from racism in society, interracial relationships, gay marriage, and today's teen issues such as drug use, school safety and bullying. At the end of every episode the family and a select group of friends gather together at the Greens for dinner to talk about their week and laugh.

Submitted: May 3, 2020
Last Updated: June 10, 2020

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The Writer: Dorell Green

I was a Police Officer for 20 years as well as an Officer in the Air Force Reserves. On November 27th, 2017, my wife was diagnosed with appendix cancer and had to endure a 16-hour surgery to save her life. On November 28th, 2018, almost exactly a year after my wife’s diagnosis, my daughter was diagnosed with AML leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant to save her life. In order to get through chemo, surgeries and a bone marrow transplant we laughed a lot. After going into remission, they convinced me to do an open mic and despite my initial appreciation, I loved it. I’ve been doing standup comedy ever since. My true passion is writing comedy. I started writing in high school and... Go to bio

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