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Fearing for her own life, a living Sorority Legacy teams up with the most recent dead Sorority Sister to try and break the damaging and sometimes fatal habits of their “squeaky clean” Sorority.



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Set during present day in an Instagram worthy fictional town in Maine, this one hour drama Limited Series is tonally “Pretty Little Liars” meets “You.” Obsessively offbeat yet grounded in elevated reality.

On the outside, the Beta Kappa Theta’s are squeaky clean. Shelby Caldwell, the president of the Sorority, makes sure of that. But within, contracts swear members to secrecy, rule-breaking is met with dire consequences and hazing rituals increasingly become more dangerous.

In the pilot story, we first meet Jenn Lowry, one of two Sorority Legacies. A bisexual theatre fanatic, she prefers to stick to herself unless she’s on stage. Greek Life is not for her.  But it was her late mother’s world and she’s decided to stick around and try to understand why. To combat the chaos, her journals say a lot: “Here, the truth falls from our vocabulary. It is hidden behind closed doors, weeping to be told but never realized. Shown with perfection and riddled with imperfection: Welcome to being a Beta Kappa Theta.”

We then find Shelby exchanging love letters with a pledge named Kenzie Harrington. A tradition that began at the beginning of their now year long relationship. Shelby’s tone shifts as she talks seriously about the need to remain a secret per the longstanding Sorority Rules. They seal reassurance with a kiss. We get the unsettling feeling that someone was watching them.

Later, at the Greek Life kick-off party, Shelby and Kenzie argue about going public with their relationship. This time the end is fatal. Shelby then begins Operation: ‘Act like nothing happened.’ Unknowingly, she gets help from her Head Detective Dad, who after getting a call about suspicious activity and catching Shelby with bloody hands, puts two and two together, finds the body and moves it.

Kenzie is now a member of the Young Dead Support Group. Separated by age, this is the one for young adults. It’s where souls get placed if “the light” decides they’re not ready to fully experience the afterlife. The group is dedicated to helping them figure out what they need to do in order to move on and keep them on track. Not everyone stuck in limbo has someone on Earth they can still talk to. But Kenzie learns that because Jenn witnessed a part of what happened, she’s able to have a voice through her.

The pilot story ends with Jenn seeing Kenzie for the first time since the party and Shelby back at the cabin; smashing Kenzie’s phone to pieces. We get the unsettling feeling that someone was watching her.

After learning that Kenzie is dead, Jenn is horrified and tries to shut Kenzie out. But she soon finds evidence that places both Kenzie and Shelby at the scene of the crime and it clicks that she’s communicating with a dead person and living with their murderer. That evidence quickly goes missing.

Kenzie eventually convinces Jenn to help her complete the Young Dead Acceptance Program by falsely promising two things: To become Jenn’s “guardian angel” and to find a way to let Jenn communicate with her late mother. 

But the more Kenzie sees how Shelby's reacting to her death, both publicly and behind closed doors, the more her emotions come into play and she starts to fail at her tasks; causing disruption in Jenn's life and negatively affecting the YDSG. The more the balance gets affected, the worse the consequences become. Paralleling with what’s occurring within the Sorority.

The deeper Jenn dives into Kenzie’s world, the deeper she has to dive into her own world. And when Jenn starts receiving anonymous threats that she’ll be done for if she exposes the sorority’s secrets, she questions if letting Kenzie in was the right choice and how to get out of it.

After a hazing ritual leads to another death that is swept under a rug, Kenzie is informed that she has to get the Beta’s shut down for good. When Kenzie asks why her, she is told “Because of the bystander effect. People are seeing things but not doing things and we’re experiencing an increase of loss. You have an in, and we’re going to use it.”

Kenzie and Jenn soon discover that a few years ago there was a Beta member who suddenly seemed to fall off the face of the map. They’re able to locate her and learn that for her, things became too much and she found a safe way out. Eventually they’re able to start hatching a plan, hoping it leads to an undetected investigation. 

During a mandatory Beta glamping trip, Kenzie’s body appears. Her death is quickly ruled as self-inflicted. But one of the Detectives opens up his own investigation; landing him in the depths of Sorority darkness. He even tries to have someone go undercover but unknowingly she has loyalty to the Beta’s and lies about what she’s found; leading him off track until someone asks to meet with him.

At the end of the season, Kenzie makes it to the “consideration” room. But instead of taking the test to potentially move on, she puts in an uncommon request to become one of the guides. 

This series aims to dive into the damaging effects of peer pressure, outdated rules and unhealthily dealing with trauma. Exploring how we can heal, hold ourselves and others accountable and create safe change that reaches a lasting level. Trying to find our place in this world shouldn’t cost us our lives.

You know what they say about hope.

It breeds eternal misery.

But having it, is what’s going to keep you alive.

Even when you’re dead.

It’s time to add a chapter to your story.

All Accolades & Coverage: 

The Pilot script has won best TV pilot in the 2019 Oil Valley Film Festival, best TV script in the 2019 November edition of the Hollywood Just4Shorts Festival and placed as a finalist in the 3rd quarter of the 2019 Storyline Screenwriting Competition.

The Pilot Script also received good coverage from Barnstorm Media during their 2019 BOLT screenwriting competition:

Thematically, this pilot is really intriguing.
Nice use of imagery:
The waitress approaches Jenn and puts the water and the pie on the table; covering up the name.
Jenn is a well crafted protagonist.
There is an interesting Veronica Mars vibe to this script.
This script is well paced. It really moves.
We love Gwen’s line here:

Come on, she didn’t steal my soul.

Or worse.

There is a fun Big Little Lies quality to this pilot.
This pilot is exceptionally well structured.

Submitted: July 16, 2020
Last Updated: February 11, 2021

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