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A traumatized former combat nurse takes a job in a Northern Irish village stalked by an ancient evil.



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Liz Nolan, an attractive and confident British Army nurse, is sent with her medical team to a hospital in Afghanistan where she argues with her boyfriend and delivers a baby. The hospital is bombed and collapses, burying everyone inside.

Two years later Liz arrives limping and still traumatized in Kilbeg, Northern Ireland to take a job as the village clinician. There she discovers an image of a naked hag called a Sheela Na Gig on the exterior of the church, and a likeness of the Green Man puking oak leaves inside it.

A young man is found murdered and stuffed with oak leaves. The pub owner is shot by a gunman, who is later found torn to pieces. Another villager has an unfortunate “accident.”

Liz tries to leave, but her landlady Oona talks her out of it. Handsome veterinarian Conor also wants her to stay, but the memory of her dead boyfriend stands between them.

Liz delivers a baby whose mother has a dramatic personality change postpartum. A woman wakes from a coma and tells Liz it was caused by the Banshee’s scream.

Liz and Oona discover the baby’s mother has been taken by a fairy and replaced with a changeling. Desperate to free her, they enlist the dissident republican pub owner to build a bomb, which they plant where the Banshee attacked the woman.

Their trap lures a fox, who turns into a beautiful red-haired woman. Liz and friends watch in horror as the woman slaughters five gunmen looking for the pub owner. The barkeep is accidentally killed when the bomb explodes, and the fairy is presumed destroyed.

Heartsick over the man’s death, Liz packs to leave. The battered fairy appears as a Sheela Na Gig and attacks her. Liz manages to kill her with one of Oona’s “glorified iron” steel knitting needles, and the baby’s mother is released from her enchantment.

The danger seemingly past, Liz decides to stay and build a new life with Conor. Little does she realize a fox kit has just infiltrated Conor’s litter of newborn puppies and shape-shifted to look like one of them.

Submitted: September 12, 2020
Last Updated: November 10, 2021

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The Writer: Anne M. Allis

I am a former Army linguist and UVA alum currently residing in El Paso, TX. My preferred writing genre is Supernatural Suspense with elements of Horror. Go to bio