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The small town of Harper’s Peak has had two young girls go missing in one month. Can this 8 year old girl’s imaginary friend protect her from being the next one caught?

Bingo Man – TMFF Review

Imagination can be frighteningly real.

There is something that we would like to talk about, and that is the difference between
Terror and Horror.
While horror is usually the result of witnessing a scary situation, terror is more
subtle and it´s usually generated from the absence of stimuli than from an overload
of it. While you could say that horror deals with mutilation, torture and other
gruesome imagery, terror deals with darkness, muffled sounds, small movements
and other soft elements that allow our brains to fill in the gaps with our worst fears.
Many a movie nowadays resorts to cheap horror, there are whole franchises built
around the always shocking body horror, for example the “SAW” movies. But real
terror is something much more difficult to achieve.
W will now analyze one short script that attempts to recreate some of that primal
terror of feeling alone and in danger. But, did it accomplish it?
With a deceptively funny name, „Bingo Man‟ is a story about a young girl, Kelly,
living in a difficult environment. Her father has been sent to jail and her mother is
absentminded and a workaholic, and as a response to fulfill a deep need for
attention she has seemingly created the figure of the eponymous Bingo Man.
This is an imaginary friend that accompanies her everywhere and provides all the
attention and reassurance that she desperately craves.
Her mother notices this behavior, which is a little odd for someone of Kelly´s age,
and still pays no mind to it, she doesn´t even consider taking Kelly to therapy to
help her deal with the loss of her father, or any other kind of supportive action, this
bad mother just allows her daughters psyche to run amok.
This in itself is already dangerous, but the turn the story takes will be more blood
chilling than anything you can imagine. A couple of girls in the neighborhood have
disappeared recently, and apparently Kelly is the next target, the worst part is that
even in this dire situation she can only count on Bingo Man for help.
We don´t want to spoil much more of the script, but we can say that you will be left
shocked at a certain reveal and by the end you´ll start to doubt if Bingo Man is truly
an imaginary friend or perhaps even a physical entity.
The script is very short but the author uses those few pages in a masterful way to
convey many important things. In just 15 pages we see some character
progression, we plunge into the darkness of true terror and are left there, just
wondering what really lies in the dark, and on top of that we get a powerful
message of the dangers of neglecting our children.
The dialogue in the script can be considered a bit childish, but this is justified once
you consider that we´re experiencing the story mainly through Kelly´s POV, and in
this case it works even better, because the script doesn´t rely on deep phrases or
long speeches, but rather on raw emotion in order to connect the readers with the
In the end what you get is a truly terrifying story that won´t take long to read, or
watch once it becomes a short film, and will still make you feel perturbed as it
If you are fan of terror and deep emotions, „Bingo Man‟ won´t disappoint you in any
way. Go read it!

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