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Single serving friends
When trapped in a bad seat on an airplane, sometimes there's an upside. When the plane touches down in a foreign land, it's nice to have an ally for the adventure ahead...

This script is a direct response to a Writer Duet challenge based on "two people on an airplane." Write the first 3 pages, then log in and write the last part after discovering where the plane lands. A fun prompt type exercise. The timer was ticking for the conclusion, 30 minutes total but I think I wrote my part in about 15. Just had it flowing, knew where I was maybe going...

What came to me was a blend of many different experiences as an airline passenger. It doesn't really matter the Departure or Arrival as much as the way to get there. I came up with a couple guys, each partially me, each sourcing some stereotypes from other areas, and introduced them.

The prompt had the plane land in Slovenia. Hmm. Well, what will the Photographer and DJ end up doing?

Check it out.

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The Writer: 6String Mercenary

Writers write. That's what we do. For good or ill, I've been unafraid to put things into letters, sentences, and stories. It's always part of a journey, with no known destination, and every 1 Success is balanced by 20 Failures. According to who though? These pieces preserved here are the forever kind of investment. Nobody can take away from me what I've done and the passion I've had to work to make them come into reality. Lots of people talk about writing because it's easier than writing, and I can understand. What you'll get from me, day in, day out, is a dude who WILL NEVER QUIT being himself. If I can show you the world through my eyes and it makes you think, then we cool. All up and... Go to bio

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