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Black Mane

A cross-border poaching kingpin confronts the morality of his work when he picks up a young hiker who turns out to be the hereditary Rain Queen.



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The Pilot introducers us to Robert Vermaak, a "Gun Master" and level 2 poacher for "The Ring" (Global Wildlife Trafficking Syndicate) as an antagonist to Rhodesia who is trafficked but by the end of the episode the audience will be asking if he is the villain or just misunderstood.

ZERO DARK THIRTY meets ZEROZEROZERO in this law enforcement thriller that explores the complexities of Human Trafficking, Anti-Poaching, Illegal Wildlife Trade, Vigilante Justice, and China and the US's humanitarian and foreign policy in Africa. On the macro, it is a story about a special TASK FORCE taking on a near impossible mission. On the micro, it is a story about a man trying to find the good in himself. ROBERT VERMAAK has no convictions or sympathy for anything except his own ambitions and it's only when his work conflicts with his morals does he examine his role in the exploitation of wildlife and his impact on this world. The themes surrounding the show will force audiences, no matter their nationality, to question their own impact on the wildlife trade as the role of "consumer". The story is COMPLEX and the locations, GLOBAL.

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Submitted: December 12, 2020
Last Updated: August 8, 2022

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The Writer: Oliver North

Personally I think its good to explore topics that have relevance to the lives of audiences everywhere, but the trick is to do it subtly through plot and character, not to mistake “issue” for storytelling. Story is king! My short film Mier “The Ant” has been entered into several film festivals, with selections in; New York African Film Festival on the 12-17 May 2022, attended in person by the producer Rafiq Samsodien who joined panels, Q&A’s, the premiere of the short film in front of a live audience, and networked with delegates at the US/SA Consulate in Manhattan, NY. The goal was to secure co-productions, sales agents and hopefully secure distribution for the feature film. The short... Go to bio
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Agent: Looking

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