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The Pinch Code

After the home of newly weds is marked with the infamous Pinch Code, they become part of a deadly cat-and-mouse game to survive the night.



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A syndicate that specialise in home invasions using coded messages known as The Pinch Code target the home of the Fannings. When the plan of the Intruders goes awry Raymond and Danielle are separated and have to fight for their lives in order to be reunited. They must survive the night while reliving through the events that took place over a year ago.

The Fanning's uproot their lives after Danielle Fanning is attacked by Gerry Joan (the Bruma Lake serial rapist)

A year later (where the script begins) Raymond Fanning, a Joburg based private security salesman inherits his father's company making him CEO AT Kimora Security and former VP and friend of the family Liam Koen resigns to start rival company, Primal Security in competing territories. Liam knows where Ray can find the man responsible for putting Dani in hospital sending Ray on a suicide mission to exact revenge. Ray is determined and Liam knows it. Ray follows the men responsible, tailing them tailing their next victim, amidst a protest by immigrants in the city. The men are professional anglers and the Mercedes AMG is their target. Before Ray and his security agent partner confront the men, one of the men uses a "relay" to block the tracker and a "smart remote" to disable the expensive Mercedes, rendering it useless to the unsuspecting driver. When he approaches the Merc and attempts to steal it, the protest breaks into an angry mob and the man is caught red handed and assaulted by the mob who are protesting the state-of-crime in their city and the lack of policing. They are fed up and take it out on the car thief. Ray and his partner try to save the man hoping to hand him over to the authorities, to get justice and closure, but they are quickly overpowered and loose control of the situation. They flee the scene and leave the man's fate in the hands of the Mob.

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SCRIPT FEEDBACK by Continuance Pictures: "The Pinch is a high concept and engaging piece. It is fast paced, and action packed while maintaining heart and audience investment. It explores racial and social turmoil within South African society. There is a slow release of information that amps up the tension. The mystery surrounding the inciting incident keeps the audience invested. The characters are well defined, with clear motives and individual voices.
The structure is well done. A clear inciting incident, midpoint and climax are in place. The flashbacks enhance the story. The pacing of the action is great. The dialogue is well suited to the characters, not overdone, with a good mix of heart and authenticity. Very economical dialogue, not expositional or clunky."

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Submitted: October 19, 2020
Last Updated: November 23, 2021

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The Writer: Oliver North

Personally I think its good to explore topics that have relevance to the lives of South African audiences, but the trick is to do it subtly through plot and character, not to mistake “issue” for storytelling. Story is king! My first short film “Ms. Me” funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and Co-produced by little LA Productions CC and Moving Billboard Picture Company, completed development in 2018 and wrapped production in the same year. My second short film “Mier - The Ant” also funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and co-produced by little LA Productions CC, completed development in 2020. Once I had the script, I constructed a business plan around it. Among other... Go to bio
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