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Blood Trail to the White House



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A New Orleans Mafia boss sets in motion the assassination plot against a U.S. President, who has him illegally deported to one of the most dangerous jungles in the world.

George McNally is a U.S. Senator who has always wanted to rid America of the vice and corruption that he feels deteriorates the country’s moral fiber. It is 1966 and Senator McNally becomes the chairman of a committee which launches an extensive investigation into the dark, secretive world of organized gangsters and racketeers. One of the top gangsters on his hitlist is a crime boss from New Orleans named Joseph Fontanello. Senator McNally, along with other politicians, labels Fontanello as the ‘evil genius’ of Louisiana.

The Illinois senator has made a promise to himself and others that one day he would finally get rid of Fontanello and other criminal misfits. After serving two terms in the United States Senate, Senator McNally decides to run for the Governor of Illinois and wins by a landslide victory. The wealthy playboy politician has some demons of his own. He gets a thrill out of illicit sex— and tries desperately to keep his womanizing under control—especially when he has the reputation of being a devoted husband and father. He starts up an affair with a major Hollywood starlet and runs into major problems.

The Vietnam War is still in high gear. Americans believe that the now Governor McNally can help end the war and bring the troops home. He believes that the real war was with gangsters who’ve practically taken over entire American cities. Three top level Teamsters Union officials of New Orleans are missing and are presumed to be dead by their family and friends. Governor McNally somehow learns of their disappearance and blatantly points the finger at Fontanello.

Coming to the end of his four year term as Governor, George McNally decides to put his bid in for President of the United States. But how will he win? His father, Randolph McNally, is a super-wealthy businessman with deep pockets; therefore Randolph will be the banker and financier of his entire campaign. To help secure a win for his son, he approaches a Chicago gangster named Dominick Alfano, who controls most political wards throughout the state of Illinois. Payoffs are made to precincts and sheriffs in exchange for legitimate votes.

Randolph promises the powerful Chicago gangster that his son would end his assault on gangsters all across America. But when George becomes President, a total opposite effect takes place. Once in office, he appoints his brother-in-law as the Attorney General. One of the first to feel the wrath of President George McNally is none other than Joseph Fontanello himself. Fontanello is deported through illegal and unlawful means—finding himself trying to survive in the Darien Gap—which is one of the most dangerous jungles in the world. Poisonous snakes, bloodsucking bats, and savage Indian tribes are what he has to face on a whirlwind journey of survival.

Fontanello eventually gets into contact with some of his gangsters friends in New Orleans and illegally reenters the United States. His seething hatred for President McNally fuels him into putting together an assassination plot. He promises his closest associates that he would get a ‘nut’ to kill the President. Who is this nut? He’s a Chicago resident transplanted from New Orleans named Volker Hildebrandt. Volker’s hatred of the President is equal to that of Fontanello.

Because of his Jewish heritage, he learned how Randolph had publicly appeased the extermination of the Jews during World War II. Also, he believed that President McNally alone at one time could’ve ended the Vietnam War and save thousands of lives. When Fontanello learns of Volker’s utter dissidence of the President, he uses people in his criminal network to go to work on him. Men travel from New Orleans to Chicago to seek out Volker.

Once they find him, they provide him with all the tools to follow through with a successful assassination. President McNally is to give a speech in front of the Chicago Theatre in downtown Chicago concerning the Vietnam War. This would be the opportune time for Fontanello to get even. Volker stands very close to the stage where the President speaks, wearing fake press credentials while holding a camera with no film inside. He plays the part perfectly. He suddenly pulls out a .38 caliber handgun and shoots the President three times. He is instantly killed.

To cover his own tracks, Fontanello hires two expert marksmen, who fire rifles down on Volker from one of the nearby downtown skyscrapers. Volker himself is instantly killed. Fontanello receives the news of the President’s death by way of television and then celebrates with several of his constituents. For him, honor has been restored in his family.

Submitted: May 13, 2020
Last Updated: May 13, 2020

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The Writer: Dewey Speedy

Dewey B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, short filmmaker, and computer expert. Dewey began writing short stories and newspaper articles while still in high school. His passion for reading and writing is endless. Always researching, Dewey works hard to reinvent himself. He writes in the genres of suspense, thriller, crime, comedy, and fantasy. To be a very good writer, ones must be a voracious reader. That's how Dewey sees it. My main goal as a writer is to create material that will hopefully become mainstay material; the type of literature that people will remember and will be touched by for many generations to come. There have been so many greats who have come before me. I stand in... Go to bio

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