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Network of Killers

A detective and a witness are targeted by a ruthless mafia organization after obtaining information which connects them to the killing of an FBI agent.



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Crime bosses Carmine and Michael Bernazzoli and Thomas Galluccio operate their enterprises with impunity through a network of contract killers and crooked politicians. Their brotherhood consists of three clear objectives. Make money, exercise power, and minimize bloodshed. The bloodthirsty criminals face a serious challenge while planning to expand their criminal empires. That very challenge is FBI agent Wilfredo Feliciano. The federal government assigns him to investigate their stranglehold over the multi-billion dollar Teamsters Union pension fund.
Since they’ve always believed that dead men tell no tales, they successfully have the well-plotted killing of Feliciano carried out. Their confidence grows knowing that the government can’t present any evidence in court against them. Rubbing out the young agent might’ve compounded their problems. Sheila Bridgestone was the very witness who clearly identified the men who were contracted to kill Agent Feliciano. It was done strictly on the orders of the Bernazzoli Brothers and Galluccio. KCPD homicide detective Brittany Goldberg agrees to bond with and protect Sheila. Both of them are determined to help bring agent Feliciano’s killers to justice.

Brittany is faced with tough decisions. Scotty Borthwick is a rich and handsome businessman who has cultivated a romantic relationship with her. There’s one problem. Scotty is a married man who badly wants out of a toxic marriage. He convinces Brittany to go on an exotic vacation with him to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras celebrations. The timing is perfect for her. Bringing Sheila with them down to New Orleans might’ve proved to be the perfect move. The KCPD and the FBI believe that if she’s the possible target of a relentless mafia organization, then leaving Kansas City could prevent them from picking up a scent that can lead to her own murder.

Scotty slips up by leaving behind a computerized printout from a travel agency. The printout reveals all the details about his trip down to New Orleans. His wife, Nancy Borthwick, decides to also plan a trip to the exact same location. Once there, she’s determined to make Scotty and Brittany’s vacation trip a living hell. Upon everyone’s arrival in New Orleans, many pairs of eyes are watching the moves of one another. The wrong move could mean bullets flying and blood flowing.

The Bernazzoli Brothers and Galluccio solicit the help of reigning New Orleans mafia boss Stefano Fontanello. He agrees to cooperate with them by orchestrating a series of plots to prevent Brittany and Sheila from returning to Kansas City alive. One of the plots involve two of Galluccio’s henchmen, Frankie Provenzano and Bobby Randazzo, in which they try to catch Brittany and Sheila off guard at one of the Mari Gras parade celebrations. Both contract killers try to sneak upon them with silencers and hunting knives. Sheila quickly spots them from among many others in the dense crowd. It’s at that precise moment that she remembers them gunning down Feliciano back in Kansas City.
Provenzano and Randazzo disappear into the crowd with the quickness. Brittany is alerted by Sheila and gets a few seconds glance at their faces. She now knows who the killers of Agent Feliciano are. Little does Scotty and Brittany know that Nancy is watching them closer than ever. She serves as her own private detective. Using a pair of high-powered binoculars, she actually witnesses a soldier from the Bernazzoli Chicago crime family, Silvio Sasso, plant a bomb under the car that was rented by Brittany. It is done during the early morning hours, while it’s still dark and the French Quarter area is practically empty.

Not only does she want to save the life of her husband Scotty, but also the life of Brittany and Sheila. What a shame it would be to not only confront her husband, but also confront the woman who’s having an affair with him. Nancy covertly emerge from her car. She creeps over to the rent-a-car and then falls to the ground. The bomb is expertly removed from under the passenger’s side. Nancy is aware that someone wants them killed, but she just doesn’t know who they are. Mardi Gras festivities finally ends. Brittany, Scotty, and Sheila all head back to Kansas City, Missouri. Little do they know that it was Nancy who helped spare their lives.

On the plane back home, Nancy decides to confront Brittany for having an affair with Scotty. The confrontation turns rather nasty. It almost becomes a physical battle between wife and mistress. Nancy is escorted back to her seat by two FBI agents. Once they arrive home and settle in, Nancy explains to Scotty that it was her who removed a deadly bomb from under their rental car. The couple conclude that Mafia hoodlums certainly wanted Brittany and Sheila dead, and that he could’ve easily become an innocent victim caught in the crossfire. After hours of compromising, Scotty eventually professes his undying love for Nancy.

Brittany ends the affair with Scotty and continues her investigation into the Feliciano killing with cooperation between the KCPD and the FBI. Sheila is convinced to go into the Witness Protection Program. The Chicago, Kansas City, and New Orleans crime bosses will stop at nothing to protect the criminal enterprises in the cities where their power is absolute. Their uncontrolled greed and lust for power seem to have no end. With Brittany and Sheila still alive, the gangster trio are still on edge. This supremely fascinating thriller proves how those who fight their way through a tangled web of murder, greed, betrayal, love and sex, are all playing a deadly high stakes game.

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Submitted: May 13, 2020
Last Updated: May 13, 2020

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The Writer: Dewey Speedy

Dewey B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, short filmmaker, and computer expert. Dewey began writing short stories and newspaper articles while still in high school. His passion for reading and writing is endless. Always researching, Dewey works hard to reinvent himself. He writes in the genres of suspense, thriller, crime, comedy, and fantasy. To be a very good writer, ones must be a voracious reader. That's how Dewey sees it. My main goal as a writer is to create material that will hopefully become mainstay material; the type of literature that people will remember and will be touched by for many generations to come. There have been so many greats who have come before me. I stand in... Go to bio

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