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Brush Creek Charlie

One woman races against time to stop a psychopath who fuels a murderous cycle, in which he has the entire city of Kansas City, Missouri on edge.



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This high octane thriller goes deep into the disturbing world of an unusual serial killer. Charles Robert Rastelli is one of the most dangerous men in all of Kansas City, Missouri. Maybe even the entire United States. He is a shell-shocked Vietnam War veteran who snacks on danger and dines on death. Charlie’s self-esteem is shattered by the fact that he suffered the mutilation of his reproductive organs from ammunition crossfire while serving in Vietnam. Women have become the number one enemy in his life. He knows what it feels like to be dealt a bad hand. Having a severely pock-marked face with bad dental work doesn’t make him too popular with the women in the first place.
On an almost daily basis, Charlie has nightmarish flashbacks of the horrors that he encountered while serving his tour of duties in Vietnam. These very flashbacks remind him of those same horrors. Fellow soldiers being blown to pieces, diving into deep trenches and landing onto dead bodies filled with maggots, watching innocent women and children being brutally killed, and breathing the toxic fumes of agent orange while chopping his way through the giant vegetation in the jungles. These memories become tremendously unbearable and tear into his soul.

Charlie lashes out by constantly shouting the painful combat slogan, “War has no beginning, and war has no ending!”

An engineering marvel known as Brush Creek is where he finds solitude. Brush Creek is an east-to-west stretch of sewage water, woods, wildlife, and concrete jogging trails. It is also one of his hunting grounds for potential prey. Building up a murderous resume will become his badge of honor. Charlie lures women from prominent working class to prostitutes and drug addicts to his apartment. Strangulation is his method of murder. A Full Tang Monster Machete is his method of mutilation. His victim’s bodies are transported in large trashbags and dumped in Brush Creek.

Sandy Barnholtz initially would’ve been Charlie’s first murder victim down in Brush Creek. She is attractive, intelligent, and quite self-confident. With her extraordinary survival skills, she avoids becoming another murder statistic by using military and martial arts training. Sadly, the Labrador Retriever trained to protect her is savagely killed by Charlie. The sharp edge of a whiskey bottle is used to slice into the internal organs of the canine. Sandy is also the leader of an all-women’s support group who are determined to help put an end to the Brush Creek killer.

With no foreseeable warning, Charlie begins to stalk Sandy. Showing up in unexpected places are his way of letting her know that he hasn’t given up. In his murderously evil mind, he wants to prove that she could still become the victim who he’d set out to kill in the first place. Carol Wexler is Sandy’s lesbian lover. She sincerely loves Sandy, but is quite disappointed in her. Carol knows for sure that Sandy is aware that Charlie is the murderer of several women found mutilated in trashbags down in Brush Creek. Given Charlie’s treacherous nature, she believes that he can find and kill her on a moment’s notice. Carol respectfully pressures Sandy into contacting the authorities, since the lives of other local women could be at great risk.

Veteran KCPD homicide detective, Lieutenant Jerry Overstreet is provided with several tips. He unfortunately can’t make any arrests due to insufficient clues. The trail which could possibly lead him to the notorious killer of innocent women becomes hot. This same trail quickly turns cold after Charlie outsmarts the police department’s heightened investigations. Avoiding capture only feeds his already enormously twisted ego. Tensions are mounting as he slips away time and time again.

Sandy uses her own power and resources to make sure that more bodies won’t surface in Brush Creek. She teams up with the KCPD, hoping their joint efforts can lead to the capture of the murderous monster. Lieutenant Overstreet learns from Sandy that Charlie is definitely the Brush Creek killer. Through a signed judge’s search warrant, his apartment is literally turned upside down. What they find in there is despicable, deplorable, and just outright evil. The evidence includes his blood-stained Full Tang Monster Machete, letters expressing his severe hatred for women, the many prescription medications that he takes, and medical documentation explaining the mutilation of his male organs during combat.

After a complete search of Charlie’s apartment, both Sandy and Lieutenant Overstreet learn why he delights himself in mutilating women, how he himself having experienced the worst type of mutilation. Sandy now wants to make some moves of her own. Taking the law into her own hands might be the only way. There is a showdown between herself and Charlie. Once again, they meet face-to-face down in Brush Creek. Will Charlie meet up with the specter of death when he decides to go too far? Will Sandy end the killing cycle started by a notorious woman hater? Lock your doors. Watch your back. Death could be closer than you think.

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Submitted: May 12, 2020
Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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The Writer: Dewey Speedy

Dewey B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, short filmmaker, and computer expert. Dewey began writing short stories and newspaper articles while still in high school. His passion for reading and writing is endless. Always researching, Dewey works hard to reinvent himself. He writes in the genres of suspense, thriller, crime, comedy, and fantasy. To be a very good writer, ones must be a voracious reader. That's how Dewey sees it. My main goal as a writer is to create material that will hopefully become mainstay material; the type of literature that people will remember and will be touched by for many generations to come. There have been so many greats who have come before me. I stand in... Go to bio

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