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A determined young girl helps a gifted ex-con and his hemophiliac daughter escape from a home of female vampires after a heist goes terribly wrong.

13-year-old Beth is pursued by multiple, unknown assailants in a dark forest; fearing for her life as she is captured. Years later, a pillowcase is pulled from Carver’s head; his old criminal partner, Drake, and two henchmen towering in front of him. Drake demands that Carver break into a massive safe located in the basement of a nearby mansion. Carver reluctantly agrees after Drake reveals that he also kidnapped his 13-year-old daughter, Ella. As the group enters the estate, a secondary security system is triggered; metallic shutters quickly blocking all exits from the house. Dark figures suddenly incapacitate Drake’s henchmen and Carver is rendered unconscious as he shields his daughter. He awakens to find himself, Drake, and the henchmen hanging over the dining room table; hands and feet bound to a device running along the ceiling. Mama, Beth, and four other daughters sit at the table: Agnes, Sophia, Chloe, and Jane. Ella also sits bound to a nearby chair. As Mama slaughters Drake’s henchmen, blood drips onto the table below. The four daughters’ eyes suddenly turn black; fangs protruding from their mouths as they eat. Beth suddenly sabotages the captives’ restraints; fire spreading through the room. Carver, Ella, and Drake are released, scrambling to escape. Beth guides Carver and Ella through the house as Drake is bitten before sprinting in a different direction.

Beth agrees to help them escape if Carver opens the safe. As they slowly move toward the basement, they are attacked separately by Agnes and Sophia, both of whom are killed. As they reach the basement, Drake emerges from the shadows; taking Ella hostage and demanding that Carver open the safe. As Carver unlocks the safe, Beth’s captive father suddenly emerges; black eyes and sharp fangs glimmering in the light. He immediately attacks Drake; biting him several times. Beth commands Carver and Ella to flee from the basement as Mama, Chloe, and Jane quickly enter. Chloe pursues Carver and Ella while Mama and Jane subdue Beth, her father, and Drake. Carver kills Chloe after she injures Ella. Meanwhile, Mama kills Beth’s father for her betrayal. Drake quickly turns, attacking Mama as Beth kills Jane before escaping from the room. She rendezvous with Carver and Ella, arguing about her actions. Carver patches Ella’s wound, revealing she has hemophilia. Carver develops an escape plan using Ella’s medication and sabotaging the security system. Mama releases the other turned children she is holding captive who begin hunting Carver, Ella, and Beth. Beth creates a distraction as Carver reaches the mechanical room, pouring Ella’s crushed medication into the water tank. He is attacked by Drake as he attempts to sabotage the security system and is overpowered as several vampires rush into the room; biting Carver several times. Beth returns, killing Drake and helping Carver defeat the other daughters. Carver reprograms the security system before he begs for death as he turns. Ella bursts into the room as Beth kills Carver.

Beth and Ella creep toward the foyer where Mama and the other children wait. The reprogrammed security system causes the overhead sprinklers to suddenly turn on as Beth covers herself. Mama and the other children fall to the floor; the medicine-infused water burning their skin. The metal shutters spring open, Beth and Ella sprinting from the house as the shutters close behind them. An electrical fire starts in different sections of the house as a result of the sabotaged security system; Mama and the children panicking as the walls burst into flames. Ella and Beth sprint for the nearby forest; smoke billowing from the house. A severely scarred Mama escapes, racing after them. Ella injects Mama with a syringe of the medicine-infused water while she fights Beth. As she claws at the wound, Beth impales her on the nearby fence; her body quickly turning to ash. Ella pleads with Beth to find shelter from the rising sun, but she refuses; stating she is not afraid of death any longer. She waits for the rising sun as Ella walks away. The sound of nearby sirens races toward Ella as she glances over her shoulder; smoke rising into the sky from both the burning home and from where she left Beth.

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The Writer: Aaron Ridenour

I placed 2nd in the Phi Kappa Phi writing competition at Brigham Young University with my research paper “The Infertility Resilience Model: Assessing Individual, Couple, and External Predictive Factors,” which was later published in Contemporary Family Therapy. During the last several years, I have written several short films, one Webisode series, and scripts for three book trailers; one of which was a semifinalist in a competition. I was also a semifinalist in the SoCreate screenwriting competition. I have completed four feature-length screenplays and fulfilled responsibilities as an actor and director in several local productions. While attending Brigham Young University, I studied film,... Go to bio

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