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In the land of suicide purgatory, the inhabitants know there are ways to achieve exit. A common goal exists: getting out...to a better place. They strive to achieve goal, while trying to stay “alive”.

Proposed pilot (68 and a sentence. A fair amount of scene setting involved in the 68 pages) and bible amount to the 88 pages. Within the bible of CEASE you shall find included necessary details, as well as the character descriptions and subsequent story arc development. I believe you shall find CEASE to be a series that must be made. Thank you.

Submitted: August 22, 2018
Last Updated: September 5, 2018
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The Writer: Leon Krueger

I have experienced an assortment of things, some remarkable and outstanding, and have had to make peace with some others, not dissimilar to most all... End of earthly life by choice? What if it wasn't their last decision? I trust the audience finds CEASE captivating and perhaps satisfying as they root for favored characters as the characters toil for their ultimate fortune. The characters each arrived to a most difficult conclusion, only to find more arduous circumstance, yet are each with renewed hope they can overcome. Go to bio

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